What's New?


  • We've implemented a brand new survey experience when a survey is pending. You'll now have a clear view of the status of a survey while it is being processed. Pending surveys will show in yellow and will turn green once they are complete. 

  • We've added a new No Codes filter. This will give the ability to filter by non-coded Open Ends and complete your coding tasks even faster.

  • The Ranker has been updated so that a line turns grey when selected and white when unselected. 

  • We've added a green dot to indicate that Open End filters have been set, as well as adding a Clear filter option. We've also made the design for the Clear button consistent across Rankers, the Open End list, and the Tree Map.

  • We've made a few adjustments to the confirmation email sent after you upload a survey.

  • We've added a tooltip for the Industry dropdown in the coding edit module to assure the user that "Codes in this Industry are from your organization only."

General Improvements

  • We've been continuously making performance improvements to the system. 

  • Tree Map tooltips have been adjusted to ensure they are always always fully visible.

  • We've also slightly changed the text color on the Tree Map to compensate for lighter tiles.

Bug Fixes

  • We've corrected the number of Open Ends edited when using search so it displays the right number. 

  • We've fixed an issue where highlights were updating after a topic was edited.

  • The Movies filter is no longer showing "No results found" in every dropdown.

  • The Facebook Branded Content tab in Explore will now display data properly.

  • We've added Organic Views for authorized Facebook pages. 

  • The Date Picker is now showing correct data when selecting a specific episode.

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