What's New?


  • Users now have access to previously used Tags in the Survey Upload and Edit modes. 

  • The banner at the top of the page containing the Survey title, Survey question and Filtering options now follow the user's scrolling.

  • We've adjusted the cell style on the Code Tree Map to account for lengthy text. 

  • We've moved the footer on the Survey Content page so that it is visible.

Searching and Exporting Specific Tweets or Comments

  • We've added the ability to perform a free text search on the Emotional Reactions list across all products.

  • If you want to search for all verbatim responses that include a specific word or phrase, you can use the Free Text Search. Type a word or phrase into Search bar to find all responses that include an exact match.  

          How is this different from the Structured Search at the top of the Survey?

         The Free Text Search allows you to type in any word or phrase, including Emotions, Non-Topical words, phrase etc. Structured Search will look for Topics only. Topics include verbatim responses with misspellings and semantic matches - it doesn't have to be an exact string match.   

  •  We've also added the ability to export Emotional Reactions for Tweets and Comments. Please note: This export is not available for Surveys.

Canvs Watch 

  • We've replaced the All and Emotional tabs on the Comment section and have replaced them with an Emotions and No Emotions filter.

  • We've made improvements to Reaction Samples.

General Updates

  • The Help Center link now redirects to help.canvs.ai.

  • We've increased Quick Compare Drivers to display the top 10 drivers instead of of the top 5 for Twitter TV.


  • Intercom no longer shows a test instance when a user is not logged in to Canvs.

  • The filter drop down for Canvs Surveys is now ordered alphabetically.

  • Tool tips have been adjusted across all products to say "Open Ends", "Comments & Replies" or "Tweets" correctly across the different sources.  

  • The Topics Ranker no longer jumps to the top of the list after a user makes a selection. 

  • Using Structured Search to find a Topic no longer recalculates the Tree Map.

  • We've adjusted Exports for Campaigns in the Campaigns Manager view to include the email field, which will resolve the error message. 

  • We now maintain the status of Highlights in the Survey content page. Only the user can toggle highlights to show or not show.

  • The red dot indicating release date is now correctly placed on the timeline for OTT Series.

  • We've fixed an issue where the date picker was not loading on searches with large amounts of data. 

  • The sizing of topics in the Word Cloud takes into account both Non Emotional and Emotional Reactions in Surveys.

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