You are able to perform a Free Text Search on the Tweets/Comments/Verbatims list across all products - Twitter/FB/YT TV, Owned Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Campaigns, and MRX.

If you need to search for all responses that include a specific word or phrase, you can use the Free Text Search. Type a word or phrase into the Search bar and press Enter to find all responses that include an exact match.  

How is this different from the Structured Search at the top of the page?

  • The Free Text Search allows you to type in any word or phrase, including Emotions, Non-Topical words, phrases, etc. This is an exact string match search.

  • Structured Search will look for Topics, Hashtags, and Authors only. Topics include verbatim responses with misspellings and semantic matches - it doesn't have to be an exact string match. You also have the ability to Include or Exclude them for advanced filtering.

Free Text Search Export

We've also added the ability to Export Tweets, Comments, or Verbatims. 

Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions. 

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