What's New?


  • In Canvs Surveys, we now have two additional Emotion Frameworks as part of our analysis, Ekman and Plutchik. Paul Ekman and Robert Plutchik are widely known and accepted for their work on human emotion and the field of psychology. These two additional frameworks also offer users the option of views with fewer emotions than the 42 Canvs Emotions. The framework that you choose to view your data will be saved and preserved for the next session. All existing Surveys have been backfilled  to include the additional Emotion Frameworks of Ekman and Plutchik.

  • From Filters & Settings, users can easily switch between Canvs, Ekman, or Plutchik Emotion Frameworks, and view the whole Survey Content page with that selection.

  • Based on the selection the user makes for Emotion Framework, the Tree Map will also update accordingly.

  • Highlights are not currently generated for the Ekman and Plutchik Emotion Frameworks. You can toggle back to the Canvs view to see Surveys Highlights. 

  • In the Ranker, you'll see the chosen Emotion Framework. You also have the choice to view data in the Canvs Framework in the new options menu in the Ranker. You can look at different Emotion Frameworks side-by-side by looking at Ekman Emotions on the Tree Map and Canvs Emotions on the Ranker.

  • You will have the additional Emotion Frameworks at your disposal in the Open End list as well. Here, You'll see the framework chosen from the Filters & Settings menu and have the option of seeing the Canvs Emotion as well. By checking Include Canvs emotions, you'll see the Canvs emotions appear in parentheses.

  • When you edit Emotions in a Survey, you'll see the data under the Emotion Framework chosen in Filters & Settings. In the case below, the user chose Ekman and has also checked Include Canvs emotions. This gives the ability to quickly view Canvs emotions for a side-by-side comparison.

  • Ekman and Plutchik Emotion Frameworks are also available on the Canvs Compare page. 

Please note: The additional Emotion Frameworks are only supported for Surveys at this time. Given this, for any dataset outside of Surveys that is added to the Compare page, Ekman and Plutchik Emotion Frameworks will be disabled.

Bug Fixes

  • We've disabled the ability to Go Back in the Survey uploader. To exit the uploader, users must select Cancel at the bottom of the page. This will help ensure that users do not exit the uploader by accident.

  • We've adjusted the Affinity Report email to direct to help.canvs.ai

  • Previously, editing was not consistent for Topics and Emotions and it was not clear to the user what changes would take effect and what would not. Topic and Emotion editing with multi-select enabled now behave the same. 

  • We've updated the tool tip and and information icon to be labeled Emotion Frameworks from Emotional Frameworks.

  • The free text Export is now respecting the filters or terms searched.

  • We've fixed an export issue where editing an emotion in Canvs would change Ekman and Plucthik's emotions to Other.

  • We've changed the look and feel under Filters & Settings so that it is now more easily accessible.

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