What's New?

Canvs Surveys

  • Canvs Surveys users will now be greeted with an introductory training tour that will help you get acquainted with the labeling conventions and capabilities of Nets and Codes. The tour is initiated the first time a user lands on the Edit modal. You're able to close the tour by clicking the x at any time. 

  • You will have the ability to add a Net and Code to a set of Open Ends from the Edit Codes modal. Simply type the Net and Code name in the format net name / code name.  The forward slash will trigger the creation of the Net and anything after the slash will be recognized as the Code name. You're still able to enter a Code only and manage those codes later in the Manage Codes modal, but the new Net option in Edit Codes should help save a few steps in the future.

 (Please note: you must enter a space after the net name and before the slash to add a Net and Code this way.)

  • The metrics at the top of the Survey Content page now have a fresh new look and richer information. 

  • Surveys that have failed to process will  be removed from your dashboard after 72 hours. You'll receive an email notification along with a link to email Customer Support if needed. 

  • We've removed the word Auto for system generated Nets and Codes on the horizontal bar chart in the Ranker. You'll still see the word Auto in the list mode. 

  • When you've filtered on a specific question, your selection will follow you to the  Manage Codes modal without having to reselect, thus creating a more logical and efficient flow.

  • You're now able to add a code by searching for a specific word. After searching for text in the Open Ends list, the highlighted word will become clickable. You can then add the term as a Code to that set of Open Ends. 

Bug Fixes


  • We've fixed an issue where the Emotions Ranker was returning zeros on the Compare and Content page.

  • You can now click on a specific Airing, Post or Video in the Ranker to load the page with that content. 

  • Applying an Emotion filter while on the Topics tree map will now reload the tree map.

  • Filters will no longer be cleared when switching between tree maps.

  • We've fixed the look of the Mixed Emotion tile after it has been clicked in the tree map. 

  • The Mixed Emotions and Enjoy filters have been corrected in the Filters & Settings menu.

  • The horizontal bar chart exports in the Ranker now reflect correct data.


  • If a Code has an apostrophe,  the following letter will no longer be capitalized on the tree map.

  • The top 50 options will be available in the codes dropdown in the Edit Codes modal. 

  • Fonts in the Emotions tree map in Surveys are now dynamic and we have re-activated text-fitting.

  • The "Without a Net" tile is now visible on the Nets tree map.

  • Nets are now visible in the Ranker on the Compare Page.

  • When you go to Quick Compare while in the Ekman or Pluthick Emotion Framework and remove a row, the Emotion Framework will no longer jump back to the Canvs Framework.

  • After applying changes in the Manage Codes modal, the numbers of Open Ends will be visible.

  • The Nets tree map will now filter data by a question and show the correct percentage values.

  • When creating a new Net based on an auto-generated code, the new Net name will no longer be marked as Auto.

  • We've corrected the percentage values in the Topics tree map when an emotion filter is applied.



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