What's New?

Canvs Surveys

  • We've streamlined the Action bar by tucking all of the options into a pop up menu under an Edit button. The new Action bar provides a much cleaner look to the Survey Content page and provides more visible space. 

  • We've introduced keyboard shortcuts to make Editing and Managing Codes easier for our advanced users.  Click M to open the Manage Codes modal, C to open the Edit Codes modal and E to open the Edit Topics and Emotions modal. 

  • Another enhancement that will save time is the addition of a Quick Code button in the Action bar. Once you have filtered your Open End list, the Quick Code option will appear. You can also access Quick Codes by clicking keyboard shortcut A.

A small dialog window will open your filter text pre-populated as a suggested Code name. You'll be able to apply that Code, or type in your own Code and/or Net.

  •  You'll see a Quick Net option when two or more Codes are selected. You can also access Quick Codes by clicking keyboard shortcut S.

A small dialog window will open your filter text pre-populated as a suggested Net name. You'll be able to apply that Net, or type in your own.

  • We've made it easier to navigate through a large number of Nets and Codes in the Manage Codes modal by introducing a new Search field that will allow for quick retrieval. The purpose of the Search option is to quickly hide Codes and Nets and show only those you are interested in. Searching will not affect any selections or filtering. If a Net does not match the typed in text, but the Code does, the Net will still appear, but will display with a lower opacity. 

  • You'll now have the ability to Export the Open Ends list. The export will respect any filters that have been applied.

  • We've made the method to select or rename a Code or Net more intuitive. In Manage Codes, clicking on the Net or Code pill will select it and double clicking will allow you to rename it. 

  • Reaction Rate has been renamed to Emotion Rate for clarity. Emotion Rate is the percentage of Open Ends expressing an emotion. 

  • Previously, the Horizontal Bar chart export only included what was showing on screen. We've increased this limit so that the export contains the top 30 entries, even if they aren't in your current view. 

  • Now, any filters you select on the Survey Content  Page be applied and displayed in the Edit Codes modal. If you select "Love", "Geico" and "Brand" on the Content page, for example, you will be able to see those selections when you switch to Edit mode for greater transparency. 

  • In order to better fine tune our data analysis by Industry, we've added the ability to enter in a Type as well. The new field will be available upon an initial Upload of a Survey as well as when editing the Survey from the Survey Manager. 

  • We've made a few changes with our Autocode feature. We've renamed the Net Overall to General Feelings and removed Autocodes Nothing and Everything.

  • We've added a Net Analysis report to our export options.  A horizontal bar chart with the top Nets in a Survey will be accompanied by a breakdown of the Nets and the Codes.

Bug Fixes

  • We've resolved a display issue for Open Ends that were categorized as Mixed Emotions.

  • A Survey with a status of Pending status will now show the true numbers of processed open ends instead of including blank responses. 

  • Selecting an emotion from tree map will no longer return Topics on the Ranker that have 0% data. 

  • We've updated the URL that leads to collateral on how to split a Survey in the Surveys Uploader.

  • When clicking on a Net and then a Code on the tree map, you'll no longer see the  Code percentage change to 100%.

  • We've corrected a permissions issue where some users could not see  Codes or Nets created by someone in the same organization.

  • The Percentage values in the Topics tree map will now be calculated correctly after applying a filter. 

  • We've updated the filter logic to be "and" instead of "or" when you make a tree map selection.

  • The Open End list will no longer "jump" in the Edit Codes modal when the multi-select is clicked. 


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