What are Drivers?

Drivers are the top people, brands or products, and themes in a dataset that produce Topics. We've implemented the same Drivers technology we have in our Twitter TV product so that we can better surface the way people talk about known entities as Topics in your Topics Tree Map and Topics lists.

Media and Entertainment Datasets will use Gracenote Drivers to generate Topics. When we know what TV Program or Movie your dataset is about, we communicate with the Gracenote service for a Program title match. Entities in Gracenote include detailed data such as Talent, Characters, Hosts, Judges, Directors, Producers, etc. We use this known information to help streamline Topics (for example an Open Ended response that mentions "Chris" would be included in the Topic "Chris Hemsworth"). 

Regardless of the Industry, Canvs can create Organic Drivers based on logic and the amount of mentions to determine if a Topic is a known person. We also have a Brand and Product database that we will use to identify known Brand and Product entities as Topics.

How to Include Gracenote Drivers on your Dataset

After you've uploaded your dataset file, you will define the Tabs, Header row, Open End column(s), and Filters. Once those steps are complete, you'll arrive at the Dataset Details step of the upload process. If you select Media & Entertainment as the Industry, a dropdown will appear called Media. 

Type the name of the Movie or TV Program, and select it from the drop down list. Canvs Drivers will identify any Talent, Characters, Producers, etc that are part of the selection.

Note: Drivers are available for Canvs MRX as of March 4th, 2020

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