What's New?

Canvs Surveys

  • We're excited to roll out Canvs Smart Search. This will allow users to filter Open Ended responses in a more advanced way, using boolean search. Learn more about Canvs Smart Search here

  • We've updated the top "sticky" toolbar.

Previous toolbar:

Updated toolbar:

  1. Survey Title: Hover above the tool tip to see who uploaded the Survey as well as the date it was uploaded.

  2. Tags: Any tags will be visible under the Survey Title. 

  3. (...): Click the ellipses to Edit or Archive the Survey.  When Editing, you can update the Title or add/remove Tags

  4. Canvs Smart Search: The drop down for Filters has been removed and replaced with Canvs Smart Search. As you type into the field, the list will update based on a match of criteria. You can search Codes, Topics, Emotions, Cross Tabs (Filters) or All parameters. Learn more about Canvs Smart Search here.

5. Smart Search Help: Click the Help icon to watch a video on how to use Canvs Smart Search to locate Open Ends.
6. Emotions: Toggle between Canvs, Ekman or Plutchik Emotional Frameworks.
7. Question: You'll see any available Question(s) that you indicated had Open Ended Responses while uploading the file. If there is more than one Question, you will see a drop down option. 

The sticky toolbar will condense upon scroll to allow maximum survey visibility. 

  • We've moved Filters under the Canvs Smart Search under the new label Cross Tabs. You'll be able to select question and demographic filters in this new location. 

Bug Fixes

  • The Codes tree map within a Net will now adjust after changing the threshold.

  • Survey data will automatically update on the Survey Manager page after editing Survey details.

  • We've fixed an issue where an incorrect number of all Open Ends appeared in the footer when the No Codes filter is applied.

  • Topic tokens will now show consistently on the "other variations include" tooltip.

  • The Ranker tooltip has been repositioned so it no longer obscures the view. 

  • Filters in Manage Codes modal will be cleared after removing a Code in the Edit Codes modal.

  • After filtering page for the second time, the system will return data from the selected question instead of defaulting back to All Questions.

  • Highlights will now filter open ends correctly.

  • We've fixed a Twitter TV issue where clicking parts of the tree map would refresh the entire page and jump to top, as opposed to just updating the verbatims and Ranker.

  • YouTube users will no longer see a blank homepage/white screen upon log in.

  • An issue where the Instagram tab was not loading from the homepage has been resolved. 

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