What's New?

Canvs Surveys

  • Users can now see a Rules side sheet showing all Rules selected during the upload. On this sheet, you can also select the magnifying glass to apply that Rule's boolean query into the Smart Search and also an option to expand the Rule to see more details.

  • To access the Rules side sheet, users must navigate to the "..." menu next to the Export option and select See Applied Rules.

  • Previously, only selected Codes would follow the user into the Edit Codes modal. Now, depending on the filtering of the page, users will also see related codes.

  • We've differentiated when a Code was created by an Auto-code or by a Rule. You'll see an "A" for Autocode and an "R" for Codes generated by Rules. If you see neither an "A" nor "R", it means that the Code was created or edited in the application.

  • We've made the Clear All option at the top of the page easier to find by adjusting the design and have added a tool tip.

  • Clicking on the "Click here to see open ends without codes" link will insert the 'No Codes' pill in the Smart Search. The filter is on the lower right corner of the Codes tree map and filters the whole page to show Open Ends that have not been assigned a code. If there is a query already there, it will be wrapped in parenthesis and the "no codes" filter will be added at the end.

Bug Fixes

  • The Ranker and verbatim description will now update correctly with Code selection.

  • We've fixed an issue where searching for the topic "No" in Smart Search would return results not meeting criteria.

  • Depending on the page filters, the list of Topics in the Survey Ranker will be variable.

  • We will now allow for Topics excluded by the 1% constraint to be considered when creating Rules.

  • The Code Editor will now give visual confirmation of edits.

  • Deleting an open end no longer opens the Edit Codes modal.

  • The Edit Codes modal no longer allows the addition of the same net and code multiple times.

  • Precodes are no longer missing the "auto" label.

  • We've fixed an issue of empty Rankers when comparing surveys.

  • We've resolved a white screen failure when running Affinity Reports in Explore.

  • The Verbatim list in Compare is not longer showing as running over the bottom border.

  • Very long text no longer breaks styling in the Edit Codes modal dropdown.

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