What's New?

Canvs Surveys

  • We've made an improvement that will maintain the page state of the survey content page in the URL. This will preserve any filters or actions on the Survey Content page when you share the URL. When navigating to the shared link, you will see the survey being worked on, as well as any Tree map or Ranker selection, Canvs Smart Search query, Filters, text search on the verbatim list, and more.

  • If there is a syntax error in a boolean query for Canvs Smart Search, you'll now see an option to "Clear All".

  • We've limited the "Insert All" option on Canvs Smart Search to be available only when there are 25 or fewer Topics, Codes, etc.

  • We've updated the URL so that it shows "Secure" in browser. The connection has always been secure, but now it is correctly labeled as such.

Bug Fixes

  • We've corrected the error message in the Rules Editor modal when the actions field is left empty.

  • We've fixed the styling of the Clear All button when a multi-line query is inserted.

  • Selecting a Highlight will update the Smart Search with a boolean query.

  • We've resolved the lagging sticky toolbar when first loading a survey.

  • The Nets dropdown in the Ranker will now load after a tree map selection.

  • Adding verbatim responses to an existing Net or Code will no longer remove the Code from the Net.

  • We've fixed an issue where logging in will flash to a different home screen or get stuck before going to the Survey Management screen.

  • Canvs Parameters will now return Open Ends.

  • "Correspondent" is now available as a Driver category on Explore.

  • We've corrected the spelling and de-duplicated the Driver category "Hospitality".

  • Rule indication on Codes will now show on the Ranker in Compare.

  • You'll now see the option to expand a Rule to see details.

  • We've fixed an issue where the Edit Topics modal is not capturing recently added Topics.

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