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  • Exclusive User Created Codes: With this feature, you'll have the option to mark Created Codes as exclusive. If enabled, then the Open Ends affected will not receive any Canvs Codes or Nets besides the Codes and Nets defined by your Rule. At the time the rule is executed it will not include Canvs Auto-codes and Pre-codes. You will still be able to change the data with User edits as you wish. This option will be available on the Rules Editor in Create or Edit mode. The Rules Group selector on the Uploader and the Rules Applied side sheet on the Survey Content Page will show if this option is enabled or not.

  • Display Open Ends where Rules have been Applied: In order to provide more detail to users, the count of open ends affected per Rule on the Rules Applied side sheet will be displayed. Rules will also be sorted by count in descending order.

  • Styling updates to the Edit Topics and Emotions modal: We've updated the Edit Topics and Emotions modals to match components we have already implemented. For example, the Topics and Emotions 'pills' match the Content Page.

  • Creating a Rule can also apply the action on the current Survey: We've updated the Create a Rule workflow so that you have the option to also apply the action on the Survey in one step. Previously, you'd have to create a Rule and then additionally create any Nets or Codes. This change adds another option to the Apply Now button.

  • Quick Code action can also apply the action into creating a Rule: When in the Quick Code modal, you'll be able to not only apply the code, but also to open the Rules Editor to quickly put together a Rule.

  • We've added a Remove All option in the Edit Codes modal for related codes.

  • To ensure that all users are viewing the latest version of the application, sessions will expire after six hours of inactivity.

Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed an issue where Organic Drivers were missing on Twitter sets.

  • The correct display name for a question will appear as chosen on the Uploader.

  • Verbatim responses will no longer load over the Tree map tooltip.

  • We've fixed an issue where long text in the Ranker would break the styling.

  • Recently added Topics will now be retrieved in Smart Search.

  • Recalculating Highlights no longer causes a white screen.

  • We've resolved an issue where users were unable to add a Topic to an Open Ended response after using the bulk removal in the Edit Code modal.

  • Survey Type and Industry default selection for Rule creation has been corrected.

  • We've resolved an issue where the threshold picker would break when a low percentage of Emotions were selected from Smart Search.

  • We've updated the warning modal message when exiting the Rules editor with unsaved changes.

  • The Auto icon on Codes will no longer disappear after adding more Codes to an Open End.

  • We've improved the user experience when working in the Rules modal. Other modals will no longer trigger to open because of keyboard shortcuts.

  • Organizations with permissions to Surveys only will now show Rules in the Account Settings upon logging in.

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