Whats's New

  • User preferences for Surveys will allow you to customize the way you interact with Canvs Surveys. All preferences are user specific. You'll be able to control whether you want to see Codes on the platform, Iconography for distinguishing between Auto Codes and Codes created by Rules, viewing Highlights on the page, and the default Emotion Framework setting. To learn more about User Preferences, click here.

  • Smart Search queries now carry over to the Compare page. When you are filtering the Survey page with a Smart Search Query, you'll able to see exactly what filters were selected after transitioning to the Compare page.

  • Updates to the "Modify" section in Compare. There are also some "touch-ups" to the Modify section.

Bug Fixes

  • When you Remove a Topic in the Edit Modal, it will no longer remain applied to the verbatim.

  • We've updated the Canvs FAQ page to point to the correct web address.

  • ‘I subscribe’ and 'subscribe' will now showing up as separate Topics.

  • Deleting an Open End will now update the hero metric.

  • We've resolved an issue where the Topic "nothing" was not appearing on Surveys.

  • We've corrected a copy error in the Success message when creating a Campaign.

  • Codes created from Rules that have no Net will now be assigned to the "Without a Net" Net.

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