Whats's New


  • Rules Editor allows filtering from specific surveys: You can now pick specific surveys to filter Codes and Topics from when creating a Rule. You'll be able to select one Survey or multi-select many Surveys. Your Rules criteria will filter on the right based on what you've selected under Filter Canvs Parameters From.

  • Ability to multi-select questions on the Surveys Content page: You'll now have the ability to analyze more than one Open Ended question at a time by multi-selecting Questions. Questions are accessible on the Survey Content Page and the Codes Manager.

  • Topics returned has been increased: In efforts to ensure that you get the most out of Topics, we've increased the limit from the top 100 Topics to the top 500. This is most obvious on the Ranker and the Topics tab. This will make also the results returned on the Smart Search more powerful and accurate.

  • Log in Page updates: You'll now see a fresh interface to Log In and to Reset your password.

We've also enhanced the experience of creating a new password. As password requirements are met, the pills will turn teal to show you've set a valid password.

Other Products

  • Total Views metric for Facebook on Campaigns: We've added data for Total Views on Facebook video posts for Campaigns.

Campaigns will analyze the data until the End Date of the Campaign.

  • We've added an exclusive OTT API Endpoint for exporting data specific to OTT Shows. This endpoint includes controls on Date Range, Networks, and Aggregations based on Drop Dates. This assists with benchmarking performance based on time after a Drop. Contact support@canvs.ai for more information.

  • We've created a Tableau Web Data Connector (WDC) utilizing our native APIs for customers that want to quickly import data and utilize the Visualization capabilities of Tableau to create reports. Contact support@canvs.ai for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • ABC Family shows are now mapping correctly to ABC Family.

  • Palladia shows are now mapping correctly to MTV Live .

  • We've fixed an issue where keyboard commands were lagging or slow. They will no longer cause any crashes.

  • We've updated code labels to differentiate when Codes are applied to conflicting Nets.

  • An issue preventing Drivers from showing has been resolved.

  • We've updated the link on Privacy Policy in the site footer.

  • We've ensured the Codes tab shows on the Rules Editor.

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