Whats's New


  • Ability to Manually Refresh a Campaign: Previously, Campaign data would be refreshed once a day. You will now be able to refresh your Campaigns manually and on-demand as well.

  • Campaign Refresh Message: While the Campaign is updating, you'll see a message letting you know the refresh is in progress.

  • Total Views for Campaigns: In addition to Total Volume, Emotional Reactions, Reaction Rate, you will also see Total Views as part of the default Campaign metrics. To make space for this new metric, you'll see the top four Emotions rather than the top five.


  • Sticky Banner: Since Compare is capable of extensive comparisons, we've made the top banner "sticky" so it is viewable while you are scrolling.

  • Sorting of the Emotions dropdown: Previously, the Metrics section for Compare and Campaigns listed all Emotions in alphabetical order. Now you'll only see Emotions that are applicable for the data on the page, sorted by average Emotion rate.


  • Default Filter selection on the Uploader: Previously, the default behavior for the Canvs Surveys Uploader is to select all columns that are not Questions as Filters/Cross Tabs. We've updated this feature so that Canvs will recognize useful filters such as Age, Gender, Ethnicity and pre-select these columns as Filters/Cross Tabs automatically, leaving everything else unchecked. You will be able to choose up to 50 useful filters. Next to each selection, you'll see an info icon explaining that Canvs has identified the column as a useful filter.

Bug Fixes

  • Issues with Surveys only organizations and the home page has been resolved.

  • Selecting a Highlight will now load the Ranker or Verbatim list as well update the Smart Search.

  • We've fixed an issue where emojis being coded as Likely Spam.

  • We've fixed an issue where a Net/Code in Rules that was reset to Null would not allow editing.

  • We've resolved an issue where no data on the Compare page was displayed after navigating back from Campaigns.

  • "Customer service" will be picked up as a Topic.

  • When using Quick Compare for Canvs Survey Topics, labels will now show.

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