Using the correct Type when loading comments or open-ends is important to how Nets and Codes are added to your project. Canvs utilizes this information to better understand and categorize the content you are loading.

Below are examples of various Types of datasets that can be ingested in the Canvs platform and when to use each Type.





Respondents share their intention to recommend or promote something (service, product, brand, title, etc).

How likely, on a scale from 0 to 10, are you to recommend X to friends or family? Why did you give us that score?

Product Feedback

Respondents describe their experience with a product.

What did you like or dislike about the product? Would you buy it, or buy again? Why or why not?

Audience Feedback

Respondents describe their experience watching, listening to, or reading a specific movie, tv-show, musician, book, play, etc.

What did you like or dislike about the movie/series/book? Who was your favorite character and why? What do you remember it?

Service Feedback

Respondents describe their experience with a service provider (streaming, telecom, subscription boxes, etc).

What did you like or dislike about the service? What can we improve? Do you plan on unsubscribing?

Event Feedback

Respondents describe their experience after an event, workshop, or other experience.

What did you like or dislike about the event? What suggestions do you have for next year? Who was your favorite presenter and why?

User Feedback

Respondents describe their experience using a non-physical product (website, app, etc).

What did you like or dislike about the website or app? What features do you wish we had? What was missing or confusing?

Service Cancellation

Respondents share their reason for unsubscribing or canceling service.

Why did you cancel?

Customer Satisfaction

Respondents describe their recent experience with a brand or customer service representative.

How did we do? How was your experience in our store? Was your issue resolved?

Employee Satisfaction

Respondents describe their experience as an employee.

Would you recommend your company to a family or friend? Why or why not?

Consumer Behavior

Respondents give insight into how they think or behave, broadly.

How have your shopping habits changed during COVID? Why do you rent instead of buying? Can you describe the last party you went to?

Brand Study

Respondents describe how they feel about or interact with a certain brand.

What do you think or feel about this brand? How would you describe this brand?

Ad Test

Respondents share their thoughts or feelings in response to viewing an ad or campaign.

What are your initial thoughts or feelings after watching the ad, trailer, or campaign? Would you buy/watch/listen?

Unaided Awareness

Respondents share what brands, products, or titles they are familiar with or are top of mind.

When you think of tv shows to stream this week, what comes to mind? When you think of home furniture, what brands come to mind?

Social Comments

Respondents comment on any social media post or platform. Examples include tweets, responses to a facebook or instagram post, Tik Tok comments, etc.



Select if your dataset does not fall into the other Types


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