Introducing Canvs TV: bringing Twitter, Facebook TV, and YouTube TV in a single view

Canvs TV now brings together multiple sources, including Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook into one unified view, providing a complete picture of viewer reactions, while still allowing the drill down into a specific source. New visuals breakout the "Average Reaction Rate", "Total Engagement", and "Total Views". New also is access to view customizable inline benchmarks with the addition of two new options, "Network Type" and "Daypart". This allows for very quickly being able to compare metrics such as Volume, Total Reactions, Average reactions, and any emotions selected for assets of the same Genre, Airing Type, and more.

Inline Benchmarks are now included in comparison:

Customize the Inline Benchmarks:

The devil is in the details; below are additional changes to the platform.

With the unification of Canvs TV, there are many adjustments to the platform:

  • Changes to the Home Page tabs to filter by source have been changed. Aside from a new look, there is an option now for Canvs TV. The rest of the options are Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Selecting Canvs TV will filter the page to show assets that have at least one source of data.

  • Global Search has the same new look as our tabs list. The favorites thumbnail has been updated so that at-a-glance you can see whether the asset is part of the Canvs TV offering or from a single source.

  • On the Compare page, when there is more than one source available, the date-picker selection has been simplified to allow changing the date range only. The tabs below the search input have changed and have a new design.

Searching assets:

Comparing sources:

Canvs MRX has updates as well:

  • Data Privacy recommendations on upload: Inline with data privacy legislation, such as GDPR and CCPA, new messages identify suggestions around what data is best to upload. For a more thorough and detailed version, in line with the message, there will be a link to our Privacy policy. Here is what it will look like.

General platform

  • Notification to the user on cookies usage Similar to the previous point, to be compliant with data privacy legislation, users must be aware that there are cookies used in order to provide the optimal user experience.

  • Export to PowerPoint now available on all Products: Data visualizations for emotions and topics are now exportable to an embedded PowerPoint deck. Once in PowerPoint, all data is modifiable, from raw data to chart type to colors. Export will mimic whichever data filters are set when exporting.

  • Sunsetting Movies and Canvs Watch: With this release, Canvs Watch and Canvs Movies will no longer be part of our offering. With the changing landscape of the industry, it no longer makes sense for us to continue to support these products and thus will be removed from the general application with the upcoming release.

  • 2018 data has been removed as per our Data Policy

Platform Bugs

  • Message to users when a new version of the application is available was not working consistently

  • Horizontal Bar chart of Surveys would sometimes not filter the verbatims list after making a selection

  • Wrong buttons after creating a new rule from the Rules management page

  • After registering permissions weren't properly granted

  • Coding Treemap and other endpoints show 500 error when entering a boolean search showing non-existent data

  • Adjusting the verbatims list label on social mentioning open ends and not source-specific (tweets, comments, etc)

  • Clicking on a Net on treemap causes Nan% on progress bar below

  • Even though movies are disabled, they appear in the compare page / universal search

  • Emotion framework from Surveys carries over to social

  • Edit topics and emotions modal (surveys) - lack of content - no topic or emotion inputs

  • Large numbers on the emotions treemap on Social after filter selections

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