The latest release to the Canvs app is here, and it’s a game-changer! There were enhancements across the board to Canvs TV, Canvs MRX, and our proprietary Data Science. Read more about this latest update, and then jump into Canvs and check it out for yourself. As always, if you have any questions please reach out to your Account Director or our support team!

Canvs TV Improvements: More control over benchmarks

Select and compare specific airings. Select the sources you want to benchmark with. By default, our app will only include sources available on the program you are viewing.

A date picker is also now available for benchmarks to accommodate for asynchronous benchmarking.

Inline benchmarks will appear on the Average row and the Total Volume row.

Twitter TV-only programs now contain inline benchmarks as well and have an overall page view similar to the Cross Platform view.

MRX Improvements

The upload process will now include a reminder/note for customers to not upload sensitive personal information.

The MRX uploading process will now accommodate a stacked question format.

The uploading experience is now improved by allowing users to skip, multi-select, or multi-exclude remaining tabs.

Users will now have the ability to Edit their questions in the MRX tool.

Users can now import unique fields/IDs as part of the uploading process. Note: Canvs will not analyze but will retain and return in all exports.

Favoriting open-ends: Users will now have the ability to favorite specific OEs. As a result, those open-ends will be flagged and included on relevant exports.

More filtering options on the Rules Manager. Users will now be able to filter the rules by Industry and Type.

Users will now have the ability to control the columns shown on their page. You can quickly show or hide columns and customize the experience to your needs.

All Canvs users on their exports will now have 4 new tabs. These tabs are related to editing performed on the specific survey. The new tabs will provide quick visibility on changes made to Nets, Codes, Topics and Emotions.

Data Science:

Canvs data science and judgment teams continue to expand the accuracy of our language understanding. We are excited to add two major improvements to our analysis that have increased our overall language understanding and significantly improved the coverage of our auto code technology.

  • Long-Form Verbatims - Our NLP has gotten better at breaking down longer verbatim responses to identify more themes and concepts within the analyzed response. This is specifically beneficial in qualitative transcripts that tend to have longer responses per question.

  • Canvs Boost - Our latest AI-based improvement allows verbatims previously not identified to be matched to like text and coded. This addition increases Canvs’ ability to pair similar language.

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