Campaigns are a powerful tool within Canvs Social that allows users to track any links across Facebook, YouTube, and authenticated Instagram accounts. While they are similar to Social Accounts, they provide users with additional flexibility to ensure all needed data is tracked and analyzed.

Campaign Setup

  • Campaigns allow users to set the Campaign End Date, providing full coverage on all social links tracked

  • Users can easily upload links from Facebook, YouTube, and/or authenticated Instagram accounts allowing the full platform distribution of links to be viewed within a single Campaign

  • Canvs will immediately tell you if a link is able to be tracked through Campaigns, as some posts may not have publicly available commentary

Use Case: Ad Ranking

  • Once your links are uploaded and processed into Canvs, your Campaign will be ready for analysis

  • One use case for building campaigns could be to rank ad performance

  • Once uploaded, we can immediately see topline metrics based on the length of our Campaign, which we set on upload, inclusive of both Canvs Metrics and native YouTube metrics

  • We are also able to quickly determine when commentary spiked around the release of the commercials on YouTube, along with general Emotional Reactions across all of the commercials

  • In this case, we see heightened levels of commentary when Super Bowl LV aired

  • By selecting the Emotional Reaction funny, we can filter the entire page by this Emotional Reaction and immediately understand which video Super Bowl commercial viewers couldn’t stop laughing at

  • In this case, we can clearly see that the Doritos 3D, Flat Matthew commercial featuring Matthew McConaughey drove the most laughs when compared to all other commercials

  • Lastly, we can focus in on this commercial and see which topics viewers found to be the most funny

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