Cross Platform Canvs TV offers top-notch qualitative capabilities partnered with unequaled quantitative storytelling. Our latest feature provides a complete, comprehensive view into how consumers are reacting to programming and content, everywhere it appears.

Search Functionality

To find the Cross Platform TV view within Canvs, go to the universal search bar (top right corner) and search for a show title. TV Pages are summarized in a single row, with the option to either select Cross Platform TV view via the television icon, or selecting the Twitter TV, Facebook TV, or YouTube TV icons.

Cross Platform Overview

From the Cross Platform TV page, you have the ability to jump between Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube TV pages at the top left. These pages are included if a program has an associated Facebook or YouTube page.

Aggregated Metrics

On the top right corner of the Cross Platform TV Banner, Canvs provides three aggregated metrics – Average Reaction Rate, Total Engagement, and Total Video Views. Hover over the platform’s icon to highlight metrics by platform.

  • Average Reaction Rate is the average rate of comments or open ends that contain one of Canvs’ 42 core emotions

  • Total Engagement measures platform-specific engagements.

Date Selector

Using the date selector, you can view a program’s data by Season, Airing, or a customized date range. In Cross Platform TV, the selected date range is applied to all pages being tracked.

Inline Benchmarks

Inline Benchmarks are now available for all Canvs metrics. Hover over each benchmark and see the group (ie: ‘Comedy Series’) and date range selected. To adjust these settings, hover over the benchmark and select “Customize Inline Benchmarks'' or click on the top-right on the “Benchmarks” button. You can also hover over "Metrics" to adjust additional settings.

For a breakout of all Canvs Emotional Reactions, simply click on Export, Export with Selected Metrics, and download a detailed Excel file.

If you have any questions about Cross Platform Canvs TV, please reach out to support@canvs. ai, or your dedicated account manager.

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