Easy Ways to Produce Powerful Reports with Canvs TV

Canvs TV allows you to quickly gain an understanding of how your linear or OTT programs are performing across Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Canvs TV will immediately give you insights into how your fans feel about your programs, what topics they enjoyed the most from an episode, and how your programs compare to similar shows.

Cross Platform TV

  • From the Cross Platform TV page, you can quickly gain insights into how your program is performing against similar types of shows

  • You are also able to gain insight into key platform specific metrics in the top right corner of the screen, where we provide Average Reaction Rates, Total Engagement, and Total Views

Topline Metrics in Twitter TV

  • When viewing a specific episode within Twitter TV, you will immediately see key topline metrics inclusive of Emotional Reactions, Reaction Rate (a measurement of fan passion), and a timeline of the episode airing

  • Within the timeline of the episode airing, we are provided key moments of when specific emotions spiked, along with what may have caused the emotions to spike

  • Continuing down the Twitter TV page, you will find Canvs’ Emotions and Topics Treemaps, that will provide important information on how your fans felt about the episode, and what they were talking about

  • By clicking on a single tile in either Treemap, the entire page will adjust to your selections to give you more information on the selected emotions or topics

Identifying top performing Social Posts with Facebook and YouTube TV

  • Jumping over to YouTube TV, we can now look at what specific posts on Saturday Night Live’s YouTube page earned the highest rate of specific Emotional Reactions

  • Within the Emotions and Topics Treemaps, I’ve selected the emotion funny, and the topic Nick Jonas, to determine which sketches people found most funny that featured Nick Jonas

  • Using this method on other programs, you could quickly determine which social content was driving key conversation topics and emotions prior to the release of your programs

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