Canvs TV Improvements

Reset button and UI adjustments for Inline Benchmarks

Styling and behavior adjustments on the dropdown menus but also the introduction of a reset button which will bring back the default benchmark filters for the program

MRX Improvements

Survey Management Filtering Experience

In addition to the Search and Tag options, the user has now the ability to filter the surveys. The 4 dropdown filters are: Uploaded by, Organization, Industry, Type. The default state for each of them is "All".

Ranker Word Cloud improvements to show full title (Applies to all Products)

High-level goal is to make more use of the space without truncating labels too quickly or too drastically. Another goal is to adjust the export options so that the labels are never truncated in the downloaded PNG image.

New media input for surveys uploader

Adding a button “Manage Rules” to Survey Manager

New Experience of Verbatims in Surveys

This improvement is focused on reorganizing filters for verbatims in the Survey part of the app.

Bug Fixes & Experience Adjustments

  • Linear Airing on Twitter TV lost the Airing Window indication

  • Clicking on “Go to page” button on Facebook tv page or YouTube tv page does nothing

  • Adding a Segment Event basic properties

  • Target Audience Adjustments

  • Link on global search for campaign items is incorrect

  • “Edit” button on Campaigns is not working

  • Adding an event tracking “Successfully Uploading a Survey”

  • Survey Code Preferences are not working as expected

  • “Edit codes” apply button is not working

  • Campaign Date Picker does not list Assets

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