Canvs TV Improvements

  • View Only Mode for Canvs TV and Social Products

    • For Canvs TV (Twitter TV, Facebook TV, and Youtube TV) and Social Products (Owned Facebook, Owned Youtube, and Instagram), users can now share a Canvs content page to non-Canvs users. We have also added the ability to add a custom title at the top of the page and to password-protect the page.

    • Non-Canvs users can still engage with the page in many similar ways. This includes the ability to filter, use smart search, view sample tweets, and export the treemap.

MRX [Surveys] Improvements

  • New Surveys Export (Cross-Tabs)

    • Our new export produces a fully functional PivotTable so analysts can look deeply into the nets, codes, and filters of coded verbatims.

    • In case you missed the last release, we also renamed the other exports to be more accurate representations of the export.

  • Survey Sharing Improvements

    • We launched our new Survey View-Only sharing option last release. But in case you missed it, you can now share the Canvs Survey Page for your survey with a non-Canvs user. Similar to the new Series/Social Sharing page, non-Canvs users can filter, view topics and codes, and view sample verbatims at the bottom of the page.

    • In this update, we have added the ability to add a custom title at the top of the shared page and the option to password protect the page.

Data Science Improvements [Canvs AI]

  • “Likely Spam” Detector

    • Canvs will now apply a Likely Spam code under a net called “Flagged” to verbatims that are clearly gibberish. You can isolate them by selecting the 'flagged / likely spam' code in the Treemap or Smart Search.

    • “Likely Spam” includes verbatims with only punctuation, nonsense phrases, keyboard mashing, foreign characters, and more.

      • Punctuation only

      • Nonsense

      • Keyboard mashing

      • Foreign characters

    • Note: Canvs’ “Likely Spam” detection is optimized for English only, meaning it may tag other languages as being likely spam if you feed it non-English. Additionally, in rare cases, particularly egregious misspellings of known topics may be flagged as “likely spam” the first time Canvs sees them.

Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • Topics and Emotions % Inconsistencies for social products

  • Adjusting Threshold for word cloud does not auto regenerate the cloud

  • Survey upload failure on FE for some large Surveys

  • Cannot Clear All Filters in Archived Surveys

  • Smart search list should jump on top when you erase the text

  • Unable to View Volume in Ranker in View Only Mode

  • Word Cloud Threshold Carries Over when switching between tabs

  • Unable to use “Search” function on Social Sharing Page

  • “Clear All” Filters button does not appear in Archived Surveys

  • Missing periods on survey uploader steps

  • Treemap on Net selection does show decimal on codes

  • Emotion does not appear in “Search” when selecting from treemap

  • On Survey Manager, view jumps to top when you scroll down to load more surveys

In Case You Missed it …

  • Survey Sharing is live with the Ability to add a custom Title!

  • Improved Survey Export Dropdown

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