MRX [Surveys] Improvements

  • Bulk Delete

    • Until now, it was only possible to delete open ends one by one. With the release of Bulk Delete, we have added the ability to mass delete open ends (but don’t worry, you can still restore them).

      You must be filtering your Open Ends in order to use our Bulk Delete functionality. This includes filtering via Smart Search, Highlights, Ranker (Codes, Topics, Emotions, Cross Tabs), and Treemaps (Codes, Topics, Emotions).

    • You will then click on the Edit button and select "Delete Open Ends" from the dropdown.

    • Select all or any number of Open Ends to delete and then click on the "Delete Open Ends" button.

    • Alternatively, you can still individually delete open ends in the Verbatim Area at the bottom

    • Accidentally Deleted something? Don’t worry, you are always able to restore all or individual open ends under “More Options (...)” at the top of the page. Then you will select the "Restore Open Ends" button from the dropdown.

    • Select all or specific open ends and then click on the "Restore Open Ends" button.

  • Please feel free to watch our Lead Analyst, Product Insights, Ben Karon, demo the new Bulk Delete feature on the platform here!

  • Rebranding MRX product in the header (Don’t worry, it still functions the same)

  • For API Verbatim responses, “Code type context” was added

  • When uploading a survey and selecting all columns to be used as filters, columns containing unique values for each row are automatically indicated as being a Key Column

  • Smart Search behavior to include non-emotional topics

    • Previously, Smart Search focused on emotional open ends, and Topics/Codes containing non-emotional open ends would not always appear. This has been adjusted to always include all Codes and Topics regardless if they contain emotional open ends.

  • Out of Order Renaming Columns in Survey Uploader

    • When uploading a survey, the renaming columns section will be more naturally sorted to mimic that of Excel columns

Data Science Improvements [Canvs AI]

1. Modified Global Rule Exclusivity: When “remove Canvs codes” is selected in Rules, Canvs will remove any Canvs codes that matches the query within the rule. For example, if a rule exists for “enjoyment + shoes,” in the verbatim “i love shoes and the peppers were spicy” we will not create an Autocode “felt enjoyment about shoes” but we will create the Autocode “spicy peppers.” This change increases Autocode coverage & reduces human bias by applying exclusivity based on the Topics within a Global Rule.

2. Adjustments to Boosting Verbatims with Links (http://, www. , ://, .com, etc.): If a verbatim has a link in it, it will no longer be boosted. This is to prevent verbatims from being boosted to each other based on links.

3. Ignore hashtags/usernames as topics on MRX: If a verbatim contains a hashtag or username that does not match a Topic in our system, we will not consider it for Topics in our analysis. This is to prevent non-relevant Topics from being created in social datasets uploaded to MRX.

4. Global Rules for Nets: This feature allows Canvs to introduce hierarchy and classification into our Autocode analysis.

Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • App crashes when searching certain characters in Survey’s Ranker

  • Cannot “clear” a search query in Survey Ranker

  • App crashes when clicking on Emotion Bar Graph in Ranker

  • Survey Treemap Tool Tips should be in front of other elements on the page

  • “Clear All” Button is missing

  • Twitter TV Treemap to Powerpoint export says “Comments and replies” instead of “tweets”

  • Number of all/Active/Archived surveys inconsistent for some organizations

  • Unable to bookmark compare pages

  • Bar graph ranker: “Enjoyment” becomes “Goodment” when looking at verbatims viewer

  • Nets treemap discoloration

  • Wordcloud: threshold bar is inconsistent and (for surveys) is only based on emotional open ends

  • Missing bar graph for a survey in ranker (topics)

  • Facebook posts not being recognized as posts in Hero metrics

  • Login screen: Cookie pop-up behind copyright footer

  • Confirmation Modal behind search modal (TV products)

  • Benchmark This, functionality, is not working

  • "Cross Tabs" Greyed out in Smart Search

  • Target Audience dropdown is empty

  • Clear button in bottom ranker always present

  • Added ESC Key option so users can close certain modals without having to click outside them

  • Searching for net names is case sensitive in Quick Code, Merge Nets, and Move to Net

  • Move to Net action not working

  • Unable to close Rules Editor Modal

  • Social Accounts, sorting by page name is case sensitive

In case you Missed it

  • Product tour is live for users for view-only feature (MRX and TV pages)

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