As of September 1, 2021, Canvs TV now has a direct connection to Twitter APIs. Previously, Canvs TV utilized Social Content Ratings (SCR) as the basis for Tweets relating to OTT and Linear programs. This is a change that has long been in process, and we are very excited to take this next step in our evolution. Below are FAQs to help inform you of what this transition means to you and Canvs TV. Please connect with your account manager if you have any questions. We are happy to support you in this exciting transition and hope to limit any impact this change may mean for you.

What is Canvs TV?

Canvs TV is a syndicated consumer feedback application consisting of social commentary from Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Canvs TV imports public comments to create comprehensive insight into how viewers are reacting to both OTT and Linear programming.

Why is Direct-To-Twitter important?

Prior to September 1, 2021, Canvs TV utilized Social Content Ratings from Talkwalker (previously owned by Nielsen) as the source of Tweets. In an effort to improve ๐Ÿ’ชour product offering, Canvs is now working directly with Twitter APIs to ingest viewer comments. We feel this provides game-changing flexibility to an already amazing resource for viewer feedback.

What changes should you expect?

You can expect two immediate changes:

  • ๐ŸŒŽ New Global Conversation: Data will expand to include global English conversation for all linear and streaming programs, movies and sports, delivering a much higher total volume of Tweets per program. This will empower you to report on the global response to your content and tell the biggest and best story possible.

  • ๐Ÿ•— Program Results Sooner: Starting September 1st, previous day data will be available earlier in the day, generally by 8am ET. Data will also be processed every day, including weekends. For example, Friday programs will be updated Saturday morning. Our goal is to have our analysis daily before your workday starts so that you can always include Canvs in your reporting.

How are programs being tracked?

The Knowledge Graph team at Twitter is responsible for putting together the search query and annotating the Tweets. Twitter leverages words, @handles and #hashtags to understand what a Tweet is about and puts an annotation label on it. This process is done 24/7 for all programs, while additional nuance related to specific talent and airing information is added during linear airing windows.

When is Twitter TV data collected?

Twitter TV collects data daily from 5:00 am ET to 4:59 am ET.

What else should I consider?

As we transition to the new Direct-to-Twitter pipeline, we will also re-process historical programs to update benchmarks for the updated methodology. Historical data will be rolled out by the following dates:

  • 2021 Historical Programs (January to August) on November 9th

  • 2020 Historical Programs on December 20th

What Tweets are tracked?

With this change, we will be tracking all English conversation globally 24/7 for linear and streaming TV and streaming movies. Linear TV airtime is optimized for US/Canada time zones.

For sports, we are tracking all nationally televised programs from the 5 major sports leagues (MLS, MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL). Sport Tentpole Events will also be tracked, including March Madness, PGA Tournaments, Kentucky Derby, Olympics, among others.

Tracking global tweets is significantly increasing the number of available conversations per program, providing a more holistic view of program performance.

How much historical data should I expect when I request a program that is new or not currently tracked in Canvs?

Historical data for programs being requested to be added into Canvs TV will only be the last 7 days of Tweets on most requests. However, in some circumstances, up to 30 days prior can be requested. For example, this may happen on a show that had airings 2-3 weeks prior to the add date in Canvs, in which case we would go back further than the 7 days in order to pick up conversation for those airings.

Should I expect any changes in the way Canvs understands and highlights emotions?

No. Canvsโ€™ patented approach to understand and classify consumer feedback, including all the changing and nuanced ways that people communicate in modern language, is still the core of how Canvs identifies emotion within the conversation. Canvs is trained on billions of conversations and provides the best and most accurate application for understanding consumer feedback.

Will the Dashboard/Page look different?

No. Canvs TV will remain the same, only with more available global conversations. You can rely on access to all the same great resources you have come to expect from Canvs.

Is my previous analysis/data/files "inaccurate" now?

No. Data is still accurate and available and will be until we backfill with the new methodology. Please see above for backfill completion dates under โ€˜What else should I consider?โ€™.

Will the data retention policy change?

No. Canvs will continue to maintain two full historical years, plus the rolling current year. Please see our Data Retention and Deletion Policy here.

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