Canvs TV Improvements

  • There is now a clear indication for creating a new tag in campaigns.

MRX [Surveys] Improvements

  • The Ranker Section is getting a new look!

    • More symmetrical and colorful but same information and functionality.

  • Replaced the radio button with a checkbox for single-delete.

Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • Airing Summary Unavailable

  • Dropdown when searching for Nets/Codes in Manage Codes Window/Merge is too small

  • Tags Search does not work correctly for campaigns

  • Some dropdowns behind other elements on page

  • Search in Verbatim box is slow

  • Bulk delete 500+ OE not consistently faded in bulk delete modal

  • Clicking on Green Dot on timeline jumps time forward to past 5 days

  • Compare Loading circle in weird spot on screen

  • Back Arrow on homepage carousel not consistently present

  • Rank Number labels are missing in Compare

  • Sorting arrows for emotions in Compare are missing

  • Compare Page double scroll/jump behavior

  • Missing “Flag Reaction” on Twitter TV

  • Codes are showing up under "Industry" instead of "This Survey"

  • “Date Range” Label Missing for Twitter Assets in Compare

In Case You Missed It...

  • Bulk delete is live! You can now easily delete any open ends that you do not want to appear in your analysis or view. But don’t worry, they are not gone forever and can easily be restored via “More Options”.

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