Canvs TV Improvements

  • Not sure if your Campaign link is the correct one? You can now easily open up your post/video in a new tab by clicking the “Open” icon in the Campaign Editor. Additionally, this button is available by clicking “view more” on you Campaign overview page.

  • To help some of our analytics tools, we have set a view limit on our Explore tool to accommodate up to 6 months worth of data. If you would like to export more than 6 months worth of data via Explore, please contact support so we can pull the appropriate Ranker Export for you.

  • For Campaigns, we have adjusted our Campaigns edit page to accommodate Facebook watch specific links (formatted as the following example:

MRX [Surveys] Improvements

  • Small Ranker Adjustments

    • We have added an (#) Indication to show you where you have filters selected in your Ranker. Now, no matter which tab you are on, you always know where to go to adjust the open ends you see (or you can always use the “clear” button)

  • When creating a rule via “Save filtering as Rule”, the default survey industry is now “All Industries,” and the default survey type is now “All Types”.

Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • Survey Uploader Crashes on certain surveys

  • Rules Editing: "Apply changes" pop up but no changes were made

  • Random Crosstabs (GUID, Question, Text, Time, User) appearing

  • Adjust language for pop up when you remove a Net

  • Campaigns: adding and removing old post should reset start date

  • Inconsistent “Benchmark This” logic (24/7 vs linear benchmark mode)

  • When filtering on some drivers in explore, only some categories would appear in drivers’ ranker export

  • Canvs Enterprise: unable to filter via modify tab in Explore

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