Are Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube posts/links showing as "Not Available" when you try to paste them into your Campaign? Follow these steps to help resolve your issue:

Is your Campaign Active?

If you are pasting in new links into an existing campaign, please ensure the campaign is still active. An inactive campaign is one that has been completed, and it is past the campaign's End Date. Pasting in new links into an inactive campaign will not work, and the solution is to either create a New Campaign or Edit the inactive campaign and extend the End Date to reactivate it.

To extend the End Date of a campaign and make it active again, you would go into the Edit module of your campaign, select "End Date", and choose a new date from the Calendar options:

My Campaign is Active or I am creating a new campaign:

If you are creating a new campaign (to learn how to create a new campaign, read here) or pasting links into an active one, please take note of the following types of posts which are currently not available, and will not at this time, work within Campaigns.


  • Dark posts are currently not supported.

  • Advertiser posts are currently not supported (these are usually ones that have #advertiser in the URL).

  • Posts that are from Instagram accounts that have not yet been authorized in Canvs Social Accounts are not supported.

    • Because of Instagram's strict API, any Instagram posts which you would like to utilize within a Campaign MUST first have the account authorized in our platform. Otherwise, it will show the "not available" status. To learn how to authorize an IG account in Canvs, please read here.

  • Instagram posts that are older/beyond the default 30 days of historical data we provide when you authorize the IG account in Canvs are not supported.

    • For example, if the post is from July 2021, but the Insatgram account was authorized in September 2021, we would only provide historical data back to August by default. To request additional historical data to accommodate older posts, please reach out to Support and they would be more than happy to look into providing additional historical data to the account.


  • Any post that is disabled/deactivated in some sort of way that makes it unavailable to the Public API is not supported.

    • Typically if you have to log in to view the post, and it is not accessible without logging into Facebook, this means it is not publically available.

  • Note: Dark Facebook posts are supported, so long that they are available to our API.

  • Shortened versions/shortcuts of links/URLs. Please paste in the full, original link.

  • If the link still does not work, please try pasting in only the pageID_postID into the campaign from the URL.

    • This is a common workaround if the posts are from a Facebook campaign that is not yet active, meaning the links will not work, but the PageID_PostID in most cases will work around this. For example, in the URL, the pageID_PostID would be "524354664356289_3249694578488937". You would paste only that ID into the campaign.

  • Another troubleshooting option is to click on the 3 dots next to the post, and select "Copy Link". Please paste it into your Canvs campaign.


  • Unlisted/Private videos are currently not supported.

Still having trouble?

Please reach out to or by using the in-app chat and we would love to look into it for you. Please provide a link to your campaign if it is an existing campaign, a screenshot of the errors you are seeing, and any links which are still not working. Thank you so much!

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