Canvs TV Improvements

  • Quotes, Replies, Likes, Tweet Source Filters - We have added some new metrics to help you understand how Twitter users feel about your show or movie.

    • Total Engagement Ring on the far right now 5 total metrics: Tweets, Retweets, Quotes, Replies, and Likes. Hovering over each section will tell you exactly how many Tweets, Retweets, Quote Tweets, Replies, and Likes are associated with each program. We hope that this breakdown will help you get a more holistic view on how viewers not only talk about their favorite programs, but also how they interact with other viewers.

  • Filters Dropdown also includes filtering options to include or exclude Quote Tweets and Replies. Additionally, the Tweet Source dropdown can be used to filter on the Twitter Application (e.g. Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Android, etc) used by users. These options will filter the entire content page.

  • Compare - Each Twitter asset in Compare can be individually filtered to show or hide the same metrics as the content page.

  • "Open Post" is now available on all Social Rankers.

    • Used to only be for Campaigns -- now on all Social Rankers!

New Twitter Metrics Methodology


  • Quotes = Number of quote tweets

  • Replies = Number of reply tweets

  • Retweets = Number of retweet tweets

  • Tweets = Number of tweets that did not fit any of the above types

  • Likes = total number of likes on all of the tweets

How do we classify tweets?

  • Tweets can sometimes be more than one type. For example, if you retweet a quote tweet, it is technically a retweet and a Quote Tweet. We have implemented a hierarchy system when it comes to multi-type tweets:

  • Reply > Quote > Retweet > Tweet

    • How to read this: If a tweet is a reply and a retweet, we classify it as a reply. If a tweet is a quote and a retweet, we classify it as a quote tweet. If none of the options fit, we classify it as a Tweet

Tweet Source is the name of the application that the tweet was posted from

  • The Source of a tweet helps determine if the user tweeted from the web (e.g. Twitter Web App), mobile device (e.g. Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Android), or other apps.

  • Potential use case: filtering out bots

MRX [Surveys] Improvements

  • We will automatically rename any duplicate filters that you upload to ensure no data is lost in your analysis.

Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • Edit Profile Modal Re-designed

  • Missing "Zero State" treemap when preferences result in no codes

  • Manage Codes Modal Miscalculations

  • Update "Glossary of Terms" Link in Explore

  • Clicking an airing on the airing ranker doesn't load tweets associated with it

  • 24/7 Linear toggle not working correctly in Audience Affinity Export

  • Compare: No “clear” button on ranker

In Case You Missed It...

  • For campaigns, we have adjusted our campaigns edit page to accommodate facebook watch specific links (formatted as

  • Not sure if your campaign link is the correct one? You can now easily open up your post/video in a new tab by clicking the “Open” icon in the Campaign Editor. Additionally, this button is available by clicking “view more” on your campaign overview page.

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