Canvs TV Improvements

  • Our newest Twitter Metrics are now available in Explore! Replies, Quotes, and Tweet Source are now filter options under Modify.

  • Ability to Change Campaign Start Date

    • Repurposing an older post? You can now adjust the start date of your campaign to easily get the most up to date analysis.

Data Science Improvements [Canvs AI]

  • Bug fix - free text in Rules

  • Bug fix - missing autocodes

Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • Disable Links to Comments in Owned Facebook and Facebook TV

  • Campaigns: Remove unnecessary Tooltips in Campaign Overview page

  • Campaigns: Removing Assets after ingestion causes double emotions on treemap

  • Twitter TV Page - Exports

    • Audience Export: Missing Driver Categories, Target Audience and Tweet Source filters

    • Users Export: Missing Driver Categories, Target Audience and Tweet Source filters

    • Tweet Samples Export: Missing Tweet Source and quotes field

  • White box appears when clicking “Cancel” on Survey Uploader

  • White box appears when Tracking/Untracking Youtube Channels, Facebook Pages, and Instagram pages

  • Non-MRX Topic Treemap: Incorrectly recalculates after selecting an element

  • “Competition Reality” Not appearing as genre in Explore Twitter TV Filters

In Case You Missed It...

  • New Twitter Metrics are Here!

    • Total Engagement Ring on the far right now 5 total metrics: Tweets, Retweets, Quotes, Replies, and Likes. Hovering over each section will tell you exactly how many Tweets, Retweets, Quote Tweets, Replies, and Likes are associated with each program. We hope that this breakdown will help you get a more holistic view on how viewers not only talk about their favorite programs, but also how they interact with other viewers.

  • Filters Dropdown also includes filtering options to include or exclude Quote Tweets and Replies. Additionally, the Tweet Source dropdown can be used to filter on the Twitter Application (e.g. Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for Android, etc) used by users. These options will filter the entire content page.

  • Compare - Each Twitter asset in compare can be individually filtered to show or hide the same metrics as the content page.

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