Canvs TV Improvements

  • Historical Backfill: All of 2020 Twitter TV will be backfilled and published on December 17th, 2021.

MRX [Surveys] Improvements

  • Canvs Knowledge Option in Rules

    • If there are no surveys uploaded yet, you can still create rules via the Rules Manager using Canvs’ most commonly used topics and all 42 emotions. Just click “Show More Options” on the left-hand side of the window when creating/editing your rule, and then select “Canvs Knowledge” from the dropdown.

  • Create/Modify a Rule: “Remove Redundant Canvs Codes”

    • We have changed the behavior of the “Remove Canvs Codes” toggle switch on the Rules Window ONLY

    • New behavior: Toggling this option will automatically remove any redundant Code that we automatically applied to the verbatims. This means Canvs will not create an Autocode that matches the query in your rule. For example, if you create a rule with query [Ekman Emotion: Enjoyment] AND {Topics: cats OR dogs], Canvs will not create autocodes "enjoys cats'' or "enjoys dogs." If you create a rule with query [Topics: Buzz Lightyear OR Woody], Canvs will not create Autocodes "mentions buzz lightyear" or "mentions woody."

  • We have also adjusted the tooltip and label for the “Quick Code” Toggle whose behavior remains the same.

  • CrossTab Pivot Table Export for Nets/Codes: Additional Columns

    • Under the “Nets & Codes” Tab, there are 2 additional Columns

      • Rank In Net: How did this particular code rank in comparison to the other codes in the same net

      • Overall Code Rank: How did this particular code rank in comparison to ALL other codes in the dataset

    • Under the “Nets & Codes Stacked” Tab, there are 2 additional columns

      • Question: The particular question that the verbatim is associated with

      • Open Ended Response: The exact text that the “Verbatim Id” refers to

  • API Changes

Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • Bulk Delete (MRX): When filtering on a topic and a code and using “Delete Open Ends,” the Pill Color is incorrect

  • Unified TV Page: Retain Date Selection When Clicking "into" a unified tv source

  • Explore: Adjust "Airing Type" tooltip

  • Social Accounts Manager: Sort by Date (start tracking, last updated) Not working

  • Add IMDB TV to logo directory

  • Campaigns: Tooltips in header not consistently appearing (campaign overview page)

  • Campaigns: Add Views to Exports (facebook, youtube)

  • Quick Net: "Apply" Button not clickable

  • Twitter TV: Bar Graph in ranker not filtering tweets properly

  • MRX: Highlights Export is missing from dropdown

In Case You Missed It...

  • New Twitter Metrics are Here!

    • You can now view and filter by the number of Retweets, Replies and Quote Tweets in Explore, Compare, and Twitter TV Page

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