Now you can share your MRX view with colleagues and even with users that do not have Canvs access. Users who access the link can filter, view Topics and Codes, and view sample Verbatims at the bottom of the page.

To get started, click on the "Share Page" button on the top of the MRX Content Page.

To get a shareable link, click “Activate Share”. You will be able to turn it off anytime.

Now you can copy the link and send it to anyone you like.

1️⃣ Add a password for extra security.

2️⃣ Type a custom title to give others more context.

Click on Apply to save your changes.

  • To stop sharing, click the “Deactivate share” button, or close the window if you want to keep the link Active.

  • You can also choose to "Update Link" to match your current view (filters, date range, etc). This will not change the URL of the link.

Note: These links do not have an Expiration date. They will be Deactivated once the "Deactivate share" option is used.


  • MRX Share Link: You can now receive a newly created view-only shareable link for your Dataset. Additionally, you can add a custom header and password. The link is similar to the Shareable link you can create in our application by clicking “Activate Share” on your dataset. Views of your Dataset are not able to affect (edit/delete) the data or navigate to other datasets. Learn more here:

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