Export Options in Canvs MRX

With Canvs MRX, you can export data and images for offline use. There are various types of export options:

Complete Analysis Export

To export all details about your dataset, click Export and then Complete Analysis.

You will be prompted to download the file when the export has finished running. Click Download here.

The downloaded Excel spreadsheet contains detailed dataset information, including questions, data filters, verbatim responses and all associated Topics, Emotions, Codes, and Nets.

In addition to showing all Responses and their analysis, the Complete Analysis also features Code Rankings, Topic Rankings, and Emotion Rankings.

In this example, you can see the Topic Ranking tab. This tab will show the list of Topics, the number of Mentions, number of Emotional Reactions, Mention rate, Reaction rate and Total responses to the question.

Crosstab PivotTable for Nets/Codes Export

Within this Export, there is a full functioning Pivot Table, and tabs with Nets, Codes, and their associated Verbatims.

You can alter the Pivot Table based on Nets, Codes, and Crosstabs/filters.

Crosstab Pivot Table for Topics Export

This export behaves very similarly to the Nets/Codes Crosstab PivotTable, except it uses Canvs’ Topics analysis instead of your Nets and Codes. You can now compare the Topics of your open ends against your closed-ended questions for extra insights.

Highlights Export

If your dataset has Highlights, you can download the Highlights Export.

Note: If your dataset does not have Highlights on it, then the Highlights Export will not be an option in the Export dropdown.

Feel free to filter on a specific question(s) and wave in your dataset to export the Highlights for only that question(s)/wave combination, or download All Highlights by being filtered on All Questions.

To learn more about Canvs Highlights, read here.

Powerpoint Export

With the Powerpoint Export, you can view the Summary, Topics, and Emotions Treemap within the Powerpoint tool, where it can be modified and designed to your liking.

Treemap Screenshot

You're also able to download the exact screenshot of the Summary, Topics, or Emotions Treemap. Click Export and then TreeMap Screenshot. The map that is currently on your screen will be downloaded to your local computer.

Nets and Codes Export

This export will allow you to see a breakdown of your Nets and Codes in your dataset.

Power BI Export

Whether you would like to Create brand new, custom visualizations or use one of our available Templates, our Power BI Integration is now available to use with your Canvs Data. Learn more here.

Note: This File is specifically designed and formatted for Power BI use only.

Ranker Exports

Horizontal bar graphs can be exported by clicking the three horizontal bars. The image can be exported into a PNG, JPEG, PDF or CSV file. Data can be exported into a CSV or XLS.

Word Clouds can be exported into a PNG image file. Click the three horizontal bars to access the export feature.

Verbatims/Open Ends Export

You are able to download a list of your Verbatims/Open Ends within this Export feature.

You can also find this Export information and more details about the MRX Content Page, by reading here.

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