Canvs TV Improvements

  • The Search Bar (Structured Search) at the top of the Twitter TV Content Page now includes non-emotional Drivers, Topics, Hashtags, Mentions, and Authors.

  • Word Clouds will now be based off of total tweets (not just emotional reactions)

MRX [Surveys] Improvements

Compare for MRX [Click to view Article]

You can now compare up to 50 custom datasets at a time with our new Compare for MRX feature. For a demo of the new MRX Compare feature, watch the video below.

Major features include:

  • Changing Metrics

    You can select up to 8 metrics (columns) among any Emotion, Net, Code, CrossTab or Topic that appear on one of your selected datasets (along with some general metrics)

  • Export

    If you would like to view more than 8 metrics, you can select “Export with All Metrics” to compare your datasets across all Emotions, the top 50 Topics, the top 50 CrossTabs and the top 50 Codes

  • Drag and Drop

    You can also reorder your rows however you like by clicking and dragging the row to a specific position.

  • Questions

    You can select which questions your open ends are pulled from. De-selecting all questions will default to showing all open ends in the original dataset.

  • Pin to Top

    In case you would like to compare one specific dataset to the others, you can click “Pin to Top” so that row is always visible on your screen. Click it accidentally? Just click “Unpin” and it will go back to its original position.

  • Individual Smart Search

    Our Smart Search capabilities are also available on each individual dataset; so, you can individually filter each row to only show the data you want. Please note: the individual smart search row overrides the global smart search option (see Global Filters below)

  • Duplicate

    You can duplicate a single dataset (row) along with the already applied question filters and smart search boolean.

  • View More

    Clicking “View More” on an individual row opens up a more detailed view of the open ends that you are comparing. In this section, you can even see the top-performing emotions, Codes, Topics, and CrossTabs.

  • Global Filters

    Our Smart Search feature is also available at the top and will affect the data of all rows with an empty Individual Smart Search bar.

  • Switch to Volume/Percentage Mode

    If you would rather view your metrics as a Count or Percentage, just click the “eyeball” icon at the top of the row

  • Bookmark

    If you would like to save your comparison set, click “Bookmark Page” at the top to save any dataset, filter, and metric that you have chosen. You can also share these bookmarks with the rest of your organization by toggling the switch at the bottom.

Tableau Web Connector [Click to view Article]

  • Canvs’ Tableau Data Connector allows users to seamlessly analyze their Canvs MRX data in their Tableau accounts. The data connector simply prompts you to choose which survey’s data you’d like to ingest into Tableau, and with a few clicks your data will be available in Tableau. Once ingested, you can recreate Canvs’ in app visualization experience, or create brand new visualizations directly in Tableau.

Smart Search

  • We have removed the three-character and two-word minimum for smart search while using exact quotes.

Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • Getting 500 Error Code for Invalid Token instead of 401

  • Target Audience not filtering data in Audience Tab (Twitter TV)

  • MRX: Verbatim Box Export not taking into account preferences

  • Make Highlight View Component Trigger to include the word “X Highlights”

  • Adjust wording on “Canvs Smart Search” Help Modal

  • Verbatim grayed out in left side of Single “Edit Open End” Modal

  • Remove “Reaction Replies” for Facebook sources (Facebook TV, Owned Facebook, Explore for Facebook TV, Explore for Owned Facebook)

  • Retweet truncation causing incomplete hashtags to appear

  • Explore for Facebook TV and Owned Facebook: Clarify header to say “Total Video Views”

  • Twitter TV Audience Page not respecting Target Audience Filters

  • For some surveys, “See Applied Rules” is blank even when rules were applied

  • Adjust Sandbox / API Link

  • Compare for MRX: Metrics Search should not be case sensitive

  • MRX: App Crashes When un-selecting code from Ranker

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