Canvs TV Improvements

  • Location for Twitter TV - We now offer a breakdown of where Tweets are Tweeted from on 3 different aggregations: Country (e.g. United States), Region (e.g. California), and Locality (e.g. Los Angeles). Users can view this information in a few different places:

    1. Ranker - In the lower left-hand corner of your Twitter TV Content Page, we have added another tab called Locations. Here, you can see the breakdown of Tweets with location data available – aggregated by Country, Region or Locality. You can also toggle between share (% of Tweets with Location Data available) and volume.

  • From the above screenshot: 24.8% of the tweets with location data available are from the United States. 74.4% of these tweets are from Unique Authors/Tweeted once (the remaining 25.6% of these United States Tweets were from authors that tweeted more than once)

  • Important: Please note, that Location Data is only available if the individual who is Tweeting has this allowed in their Permissions/Privacy Settings. This means that the Location Data Ranker will most likely not add up to 100%, because not every individual who Tweeted has Location Settings permissible.

    2. Filters - You can also filter the entire page to only see the Tweets from specific Locations. Applying filters will change the Metrics, Treemap, and Ranker across the entire Content Page.

3. Compare - Similar to the Filters on the Content Page, you can filter each row in Compare to only report on Tweets from the Locations that you specify. To do this, simply click “ModifyFilters” on the dataset’s row that you would like to adjust.

  • Quick Compare Countries allows you to quickly compare the top 5 emotionally reacting Countries. You are still able to further modify your Compare Set after selecting this option.

4. The Location Map Export provides a quick snapshot of where Twitter Users are Tweeting from. This Powerpoint provides 2 different views. The Global Map displays the number of unique users tweeting from each Country; The United States Map displays the number of unique users tweeting from each State.

Note: To View the map, you need Microsoft Office 2019 or higher

As mentioned, Location data is only captured if the user authorizes Twitter to do so. Thus, the number of Tweets with location data is typically a subset of the Total Tweet Volume that is displayed at the top of the Content Page. To see the exact number of tweets with Location data available, please view the “Location” Tab in the Ranker.

MRX [Surveys] Improvements

  • PivotTable Exports:

    • We have added 3 new columns to our PivotTable Exports in the “Stacked” Tab: Canvs Emotions, Plutchik Emotions and Ekman Emotions. In these columns, are the corresponding Emotion(s) to your open ends. You can now use your preferred Framework’s Emotions as Column Headers or Filters on your PivotTable.

Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • Explore: Genre Dropdown does not include all Genres

  • On Compare Pages, Benchmarks are missing commas for numbers >999

  • Facebook, Youtube, Instagram Assets: Jittery behavior with "open post" button

  • When a user uploads the first survey to their organization, the dashboard should display the survey as pending

  • Missing Network logo for AMC+, Paramount+, and Roku

  • MRX Content Page:

    • Topics Treemap not taking User Preferences into consideration

    • Change Cut-off Point for Edit Codes Modal "Including" section

    • Powerpoint Export only showing one Question in Headers

    • Word Cloud Should be based off of total OEs

    • Net Name is case sensitive for “Quick Code”

    • Cross Tabs are not separated in the Ranker after loading the same survey twice

    • When selecting an Emotion or CrossTab from the Ranker section, update the sentence atop the Verbatim Box

    • Powerpoint Export Title should display the number of questions selected

  • Compare for MRX:

    • For metrics with the same text name, removing one causes both to be removed

    • Graph labels cut off in “View more” bar graph

    • Unable to sort by Survey Name, Number of OEs, Number of Questions, and Emotion Rate when adding Surveys to Compare Set

    • When adding a Survey to Compare Set, page should not update before closing filter dropdown

    • Nets and Cross Tabs showing 0s in exports

    • Remove 3 dot drop down in “View More” Ranker Verbatim Box

    • Display Metric Selection Message only once per session

    • Aggregated Emotion Rate >100%

    • Quick Compare: App crashes if there is no data to compare

    • Net Counts are incorrect for some surveys

  • Campaigns content page date picker does not contain the airings beyond the data retention date

  • App Crashes when flagging comments on Compare for Social Data

  • Remove Dislikes Metric on Youtube TV and Owned Youtube Pages

  • Comparison Metrics on Unified TV Page do not wrap correctly

In Case You Missed It...

  • Compare for MRX You can now compare up to 50 custom datasets at a time with our new Compare for MRX feature. Major features include:

    • Changing Metrics

    • Exporting with All Metrics (or selected ones)

    • Drag and Drop to reorder rows

    • Pin to Top Ability

    • Switch to Volume/Percentage Mode

    • Bookmark your compare set

    • Duplicate Row

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