Welcome to CanvsU - our MRX training series! In this series of videos, you will learn how to use our powerful MRX tool. We recommend watching them in the suggested order.


Watch below to learn how to go directly to the app and how to get help.

Canvs MRX Dashboard

Watch below to learn about the General settings when you first log in. You will also learn how to search projects, archive projects, and see what details are available for your projects.

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Uploading a Project

Watch this video to learn about the basics of getting data into Canvs.

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Topics and Emotions

Watch a quick overview of how to interpret your data using our topic and emotion analysis.


Watch a run-through of our many Export options, including when to use each and why; focusing mostly on our PowerPoint and Crosstab Pivot Exports.


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Watch a quick run-through of how to share a project with colleagues or partners who don't have a Canvs login.

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Continue our training series by completing the next walkthrough with

Managing your Insights.

You can also visit our Canvs Knowledgebase to learn more or message Canvs Support via the in-app chat or by emailing support@canvs.ai. To request a training or demo, please reach out to your Canvs Account Manager.

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