Welcome to CanvsU - our MRX training series! In this series of videos, you will learn how to use our powerful MRX tool. We recommend watching them in the suggested order.

Please complete our Getting Started walkthrough prior to this one.

Boolean Search

Learn how to create complex Boolean queries by using our Canvs Smart Search.

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Learn how to utilize and filter your data with Crosstabs, as well as about our Crosstab PivotTable Export.

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Edit Nets & Codes

Learn how to assign your code frames faster than ever before with Nets & Codes.

User preferences

Learn how to customize the way you interact with Canvs MRX.

Compare for MRX and Quick Compare

Learn how to Rank a bespoke list of up to 50 Canvs assets across a wide array of Canvs metrics.

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Finish our training series by completing the final walkthrough with

Mastering your Insights.


You can also visit our Canvs Knowledgebase to learn more or message Canvs Support via the in-app chat or by emailing support@canvs.ai. To request a training or demo, please reach out to your Canvs Account Manager.

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