MRX [Surveys] Improvements

  • MRX Rules:

    • “Nets” and “Codes” Columns were added to the Rules Management page to quickly view the expected Net/Code added based upon the Rule

    • Rules Export - On our Rules Manager page, you can now easily export all of your Organizations Rules. Alternatively, if you also export only the rules which you are filtered on currently.

  • Survey Uploader:

    • Confirmation Pop-up We have adjusted our current Pop-Ups in the Uploader process to notify users that they are missing Filters and Keys. Only selected Filters (e.g. Gender, Age Group, Ethnicity) can become cross-tabs; Selected Keys (e.g. Respondent ID, Unique Response ID) are not displayed in the platform but are included next to their corresponding Verbatim in our XLSX exports; Keys are generally helpful to identify and match a Verbatim in Canvs’ Exports with the corresponding Verbatim in the uploaded file.

Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • Canvs TV/Social:

    • TV Content Page: Missing Network logo on sticky toolbar

  • Survey MRX:

    • Add error message when a user tries to delete all open ends

    • Add Star Icon next to Highlights

    • Manage Codes Adjustments:

      • When deleting Codes, only remove the codes on Open Ends from the questions the user selected

      • “Undo” functionality not re-adding removed Codes

In Case You Missed It...

  • Location for Twitter TV is now available!

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