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We now offer a breakdown of where Tweets are Tweeted from on 3 different aggregations: Country (e.g. United States), Region (e.g. California), and Locality (e.g. Los Angeles). Users can view this information in a few different places:


In the lower left-hand corner of your Twitter TV Content Page, we have added another tab called Locations. Here, you can see the breakdown of Tweets with location data available – aggregated by Country, Region or Locality. You can also toggle between share (% of Tweets with Location Data available) and volume.

From the above screenshot: 24.8% of the tweets with location data available are from the United States. 74.4% of these tweets are from Unique Authors/Tweeted once (the remaining 25.6% of these United States Tweets were from authors that Tweeted more than once)

If you look at the lower left-hand side of the Ranker, out of the total Tweets that were captured, 50.18% did have Location data available. That means that the remainder 40.82% of Tweets did not have Location data available.

The corresponding percentages from Countries/Region/Locality are based on this total percentage of Location data available. The example above is read as: "24.8% of these Tweets with Location Data available are from the United States out of the total percentage of Tweets (50.18%) with Location data available."

Please note: Location Data is only available if the individual who is Tweeting has this allowed in their Permissions/Privacy Settings. This means that the Location Data Ranker will most likely not add up to 100%, because not every individual who Tweeted has Location Settings permissible.


You can also filter the entire page to only see the Tweets from specific Locations. Applying filters will change the Metrics, Treemap, and Ranker across the entire Content Page.


Similar to the Filters on the Content Page, you can filter each row in Compare for TV to only report on Tweets from the Locations that you specify. To do this, simply click “ModifyFilters” on the dataset’s row that you would like to adjust.

  • Quick Compare Countries (available on the TV Content Page) allows you to quickly compare the top 5 emotionally reacting Countries. You are still able to further modify your Compare Set after selecting this option.

Location Map

The Location Map Export provides a quick snapshot of where Twitter Users are Tweeting from. Available within the Twitter TV Content page, this Powerpoint provides 2 different views. The Global Map displays the number of unique users tweeting from each Country; The United States Map displays the number of unique users tweeting from each State.

Note: To View the map, you need Microsoft Office 2019 or higher

Final Note

As mentioned, Location data is only captured if the user authorizes Twitter to do so. Thus, the number of Tweets with location data is typically a subset of the Total Tweet Volume that is displayed at the top of the Content Page. To see the exact number of tweets with Location data available, please view the “Location” Tab in the Ranker.

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