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MRX [Surveys] Improvements

  • *Introducing* Tracker Surveys [HELP ARTICLE HERE]

    • You can now upload more data to a survey in the form of Waves

    • Survey Management Page:

      • New Icon to indicate which surveys are trackers

      • Ability to filter by Survey Classification (Tracking vs Standard)

    • You can add data in a few places:

      • When you upload normally via Survey Uploader

      • Via "Add Data" in Survey Management or on the Content Page

    • You can Edit the Name of your Waves when you upload your survey or in the Survey Details Panel

    • Content Page:

      • Similar to our Questions Dropdown, your edits will take into account the wave you are filtered on.

    • MRX Compare: You can now quickly compare each of your waves by clicking "Quick Compare > Waves" and selecting the waves you want to compare. From there, you can still change your filters and waves.

  • Introducing the Canvs Summary [HELP ARTICLE HERE]

    • The Canvs Summary is an overview of the Categories (i.e. Nets) and Themes (i.e. Codes) in responses. We have changed the text in a few places to help. Please see this article for more information.

    • You can still hide Summary by changing your User Preferences.

Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • Explore: Unable to filter by Twitter TV Genre

  • Missing Search and Select/Deselect All Filters on Production

  • Missing Abbreviated #OEs on Survey Management

  • Hide toast notifications while on global search

  • Change default "Remove Redundant Canvs Codes" to True

  • Update Favicon

  • MRX:

    • Stop Auto Scrolling to bottom of Smart Search

    • Uploader: Back button does not work correctly

    • Uploader: Do show Key/Filter Popup in all cases

  • MRX Compare:

    • Change Average Row Tooltips

    • Question Dropdown/Wave singular/plural styling

    • Export w/ Selected Metrics: %s of Emotions should be out of ERs not Volume

    • Export w/ Selected Metrics: Order of Columns in Export should match compare page

  • Change invite emails to come from

In Case You Missed It...

  • We have updated our New Canvs Logo!

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