MRX [Surveys] Improvements

  • MRX Compare Powerpoint Export Users can now easily export their Compare sets into a ready-to-present Powerpoint Presentation.

  • Qualtrics Integration [HELP ARTICLE HERE]

    You can now set up Canvs to instantly pull data from your Qualtrics account! Key features include:

    • Adding your Credentials

      Under your Profile, you will have an option to enter in and save your Qualtrics credentials.

    • Using your credentials

      Confirm/Enter in your Datacenter ID and your Token while uploading your dataset from the "Qualtrics Import" option outlined below.

    • MRX Uploader

      Click on Connect under Qualtrics Import during the uploading process.

      After you confirm your API credentials, you will be presented with a drop-down of your available Qualtrics surveys.

      From there, the upload process is the same as before!

  • Survey Management Users can now filter their surveys by Upload Source!

Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • MRX:

    • Powerpoint Export not working in some instances

    • Add new logo on exports

    • Bulk Edit Topic/Emotions not working

    • API Generated Share Links are not opening

    • Add ability to copy text on Highlight Cards

    • Waves should be displayed in order of upload

    • Unable to edit wave name from survey management page

    • Smart Search: add "Elements sorted by volume" text

    • Adjust verbage for Summary

    • Display newer style toast notifications on MRX

    • Delay in disabling "save" button when renaming wave

    • Adjust Spacing on Floating Header

    • Edit Box Changes (what should be clickable and when)

    • Uploader:

      • Add new Canvs Logo to header

      • Adjust Maximum Filters + Keys

      • Selecting Tabs behavior Adjustment

    • MRX Compare

      • Reduce MRX Compare White Space [

      • Export w/ Selected Metrics: ordering of Metrics should match compare set

      • Export w/ Selected Metrics does not show Waves

      • Add "Clear All" Button on Metrics Dropdown

  • Edit Profile Adjustments

  • Remove "favorites" tab for non-TV/Social users

  • Remove "Qualtric Integration" from main dropdown

In Case You Missed It...

  • *Introducing* Tracker Surveys [HELP ARTICLE HERE]

    • You can now upload more data to a survey in the form of Waves!

    • Survey Management Page

      • New Icon to indicate which surveys are trackers

      • Ability to filter by Survey Classification (Tracking vs Standard)

    • You can add data in a few places

      • When you upload normally

      • Via "Add Data"

    • You can edit the name of your Waves when you upload your survey or in the Survey Details Panel

    • Content Page:

      • Similar to our Questions Dropdown, your edits will take into account the wave you are filtered on

    • MRX Compare: You can now quickly compare each of your waves by clicking "Quick Compare > Waves" and selecting the waves you want to compare. From there, you can still change your filters and waves

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