MRX [Surveys] Improvements

  • Decipher Integration [HELP ARTICLE]

    • Users can now seamlessly import their Decipher Surveys into Canvs. Simply click to upload a survey, select Import, then Decipher, enter in your Decipher credentials, and finally, select which dataset you would like to process in Canvs! Key features include:

    • Saving credentials to your Canvs profile page:

    • Using credentials in the Canvs MRX Uploader:

  • Re-Ordering Waves via "Edit Details"

    • Users can now rearrange the order of Waves, regardless of when they have been uploaded.

  • Split & Combine

    • If you use our "Split into multiple Surveys or Waves" feature, you can now combine all of your uploadable waves into one single survey.

    • Additionally, you may now add additional waves to the same survey in your upload session.

Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • MRX Uploader:

    • Text adjustment when selecting Splitting file

    • Split Surveys showing up with 0 Open Ends

    • Dropdown style adjustment when splitting file

    • Qualtrics: Text adjustment on "Enter Credentials" Screen

    • Tabs as Questions: Open Ends behavior

    • Tabs as questions: Identical filter names are incorrectly flagged as duplicates

    • When renaming a wave, cursor jumps to end when deleting a character

  • MRX:

    • URL randomly changing every few seconds

    • Text adjustment "Viewing Preferences"

    • Unable to create new codes in "Edit Codes"

    • Edit Details: restrict editing to one tab at a time

    • Rule creation: "Add code" logic is incorrect

    • Applying an existing Autocode to multiple verbatims removes the Net

    • On some surveys, selecting emotions from treemap results in double ranker sentences

    • Renaming question should not count as editing an open end

    • Manage Summary: Only show codes that match the Wave & Question Filtered on

  • MRX Compare:

    • Metrics: Search bar should clear after selecting a metric

    • Net-less codes showing 0s in rows

    • Quick Picks: Top Emotions does not respect current emotion framework

    • Quick Compare not working on some datasets

    • Net-less codes showing as Null / code in Metrics Dropdown

  • Rules Manager: Filters not working

In Case You Missed It...

  • Global Search: *New* Campaigns tab

    • Users can now search for their Campaigns and specific posts/videos from their Campaigns within Global Search.

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