Want to create unique visualizations beyond what is currently available on the Canvs platform? Would you like to share exactly what is available in Canvs with other stakeholders or non-Canvs users? This new feature is perfect for you!

Whether you would like to Create brand new, custom visualizations or use one of our available Templates, our Power BI Integration is now available to use with your Canvs Data.


  • Currently, this feature is available for Canvs MRX data.

  • Please make sure to use the Power BI Desktop version. These options are not available on the browser.

  • Templates are available!

Create a Brand New Custom Visualization

Please note, this option is to create custom visualizations without a premade Canvs template. This gives the flexibility for power users to design their own, unique custom visualizations. If you would like to use a premade template, please read the section at the bottom of the article.

Basic Setup Process:

  • To start, on your MRX Content Page, click on the Export button and select Power BI to download the Excel file.

    Note: This File is specifically designed and formatted for Power BI use only.

  • Next, open the Power BI Desktop version.

  • Once you open a blank Power BI sheet, you will be prompted to add data in the below 4 ways. Simply click on the Excel option.

  • Choose the data you just downloaded from Canvs.

  • Click on the checkbox next to the Raw Data tab and then on the Load button.

  • Create a simple bar chart (ex. stacked column chart).

  • Drag and drop "topics" into the x-axis and "verbatim id" into the y-axis.

  • Important: Select "Count Distinct" for the verbatim-id in the y-axis.


If you are running into issues with the setup process, please try these steps.

  • Click on "Transform Data" from the page with the "Raw Data" check box.

  • From there, click on the "Transform" Tab and click "Use First Row as Headers".

  • Finally, click on "File", and "Close & Apply".

Please use these steps above if the top row isn't reading in as the column headers.

Create a Visualization in Power BI using a Canvs Template / Prebuilt Dashboard

Power BI Templates are now available with premade filters and variable options which our dedicated Analysts have designed for you to use. Read below to learn how to bring snappy and powerful visualizations straight to your Power BI dashboard.

Download the Power BI Template file below:

Setup Process:

  • Download and open the Power BI Template file. The screenshot below is what you will see before you replace the dummy data.

  • Within the Power BI Desktop version, click on the arrow under Transform Data (note: do not click on "Transform Data", ONLY the arrow) and then select Data Source Settings.

  • Click on the "Change the Source" button --> Browse --> Select your Canvs Power BI Export --> OK --> Close.

  • On the "There are pending changes in your queries that haven't been applied" banner, click on "Apply changes".

  • Finally, both dashboards will update to reflect the survey file you exported from Canvs.

Publishing to Power BI Online

  • Click on the Publish button

  • Select your destination and then click on the hyperlink to open in the browser.

  • To share, click on the Share button at the top of your Power BI browser.

If you have any questions about the Power BI integration for Canvs, or would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to reach out to your dedicated Canvs Account Manager!

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