Please refer to this guide if your account has access to multiple organizations.

Choose your organization

On the Canvs log-in page, you will be prompted to choose which Canvs organization you would like to log into. The drop-down will only display organizations to which you have access.

Note: If you do not have partner organization access, you will not see this option.

Changing Active Organization

When a user is logged in to an organization, there are two ways to change their active org (without having to log out and back in).

  • Header Navigation: If a user has access to more than 1 org, this icon will be visible. Click on "Click to change" to choose a different partner organization.

  • Profile/Main Menu Navigation: If a user has access to more than one org, a “Switch Org” button will be visible at the top of this menu.

Clicking on “Switch Org” should take the user to the other partner organization that they selected.

If you would like to signup for this feature please contact your Canvs Account Manager or Canvs Support at

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