Canvs TV Improvements

  • Explore Exports now support up to one year of data.

MRX [Surveys] Improvements

  • *New* Highlights Design [HELP ARTICLE]

    • Highlight cards display significant takeaways about Topics, Emotions, Summary, Cross-tabs, and now will indicate the Questions and Waves where your Highlight comes from.

    • Canvs will also present Wave-type highlights when you are filtered on multiple Waves.

  • *New* Types of Highlights:

    • Wave-Topic: The algorithm identifies topics that are over-indexed for a certain wave, by comparing reactions about a focal wave to all other topics.

    • Wave-Emotion: The algorithm identifies emotions that are over-indexed for a certain wave, by comparing reactions about a focal wave to all other reactions.

  • Power BI Integration [HELP ARTICLE]

    • Whether you would like to Create brand new, custom visualizations or use one of our available Templates, our Power BI Integration is now available to use with your Canvs Data!

    • Available on your MRX Content Page, click on the Export button and select Power BI to download the Excel file. Read more about the setup process here.

      Note: This File is specifically designed and formatted for Power BI use only.

  • Selecting Rules during the Upload Process experience has been improved.

    • Click the Edit option and select which Rule Groups will be applied.

      When you click Edit, you will see a modal where you can select Rules set for specific Groups to be applied. You'll see the list of Groups along with the ability to Search, Select, or Deselect Groups to use. Click Apply once you make your selection.

      On the next screen, based on what selections were made on the previous screen of the modal, you will see the list of Rules that will be applied to the dataset, with the option to expand to see what the Rule Conditions are. Click Save when you are finished previewing.

  • *New* Copy Button for Rules Queries

    • Easily Copy your Rule Query from your Rules modal. If the user pastes the query into Canvs Smart Search, the format and query will remain intact. This change is for all Rules modals (editing an existing Rule, creating a new one via Rules Manager, creating a new Rule on a dataset).

Other Improvements

  • Partner (Multi-Login) Organizations [HELP ARTICLE]

    • Canvs now supports multiple organizations per email address. Key features include:

      • New Log-in page drop-down that will only display organizations to which you have access.

      • Changing Active Organization

        When a user is logged in to an organization, there are two ways to change their active org (without having to log out and back in).

        • Header Navigation Icon: Click on "Click to change" to choose a different partner organization.

        • Profile/Main Menu Navigation: The “Switch Org” button will be visible at the top of this menu.

Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • Explore:

    • Non-Twitter data not loading

    • Date range becomes "Invalid Date - Invalid Date" when switching between tabs

    • App crashes if date picker has impossible February date

    • Instagram Export showing N/A for Page and Media title

    • Facebook Export: Invisible Links in Post Title Column

    • Remove "with tags" for Owned Facebook

  • Uploader:

    • Wave number in survey upload is repeated

    • Fix non-Alphanumeric characters in survey IDs

    • Auto-fill in wave name if "Split Survey" & Combine is active

    • Use clearer Upload Icons

  • MRX

    • Bulk deleting 500+ OE results in all OEs being deleted

    • App crashes when clicking whitespace of smart search dropdown

    • Edit Waves: Reordering + deleting/renaming does not display new order immediately

    • Overlapping elements on content page

  • MRX Compare:

    • Codes appearing under emotions tab for Metrics

    • Duplicate Surveys appearing when adding comparison

    • Adjust padding of "We’ve chosen metrics..." notification

    • Implement new style dropdown for cross tabs in ranker

    • Duplicate Counts for Net Metrics if rows are from same survey

  • Rules: Copy Button for Boolean in Rules modal

  • MRX Manager: Next Page scrolling does not work on archived surveys

  • Global Search:

    • Tooltip text adjustment for campaigns

    • Unable to find some instagram accounts

    • Display 10 campaigns in global search/compare campaigns tab

In Case You Missed It...

  • Decipher Integration [HELP ARTICLE]

    • Users can now seamlessly import their Decipher datasets into Canvs!

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