Canvs TV Improvements

  • Explore: Allow up to 1 year of data

    • Canvs now allows for 12 months of data to be viewed on Explore.

MRX [Surveys] Improvements

  • MRX Compare: Keep Wave Order via Quick Compare Waves

    • The Quick Compare Waves modal has a new option. If you keep the "Keep Wave Order" option checked, then the Compare Page will sort by the order your Waves are currently arranged on your dataset's Content page. You can choose to uncheck it which will sort the Waves by volume.

    • On the MRX Compare Page, the "Sort waves by order" switch will be enabled on the top right to keep your waves in order of the dataset's Content page.

      This is applicable only if your Compare rows/Waves are all from the same dataset. If you add an additional Compare row from a different dataset, this sorting feature will be unavailable.

Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • Adjust permission settings for Main menu dropdown

  • MRX:

    • Adjust "Move to Active Surveys?" Modal

    • Manage Summary: Add 3 tooltips on action buttons

    • MRX Manager: Filter Pending surveys by org and user email

    • Edit Waves Alignment and Wrapping

    • Uploader: Tab Selection + Highlight + Viewing should be synchronized

    • Uploader: Tabs as Questions: Duplicate filters

    • Issue with Exporting Affinity Reports on Explore

    • MRX Manager: Filters not sticking

    • Survey Manager Page: Cutoff Survey Titles for Trackers without descriptions

    • Unable to upload File (Rows as questions, 15 questions, 2 waves)

    • App Crash after registering

    • Some survey share links not working

    • Unable to add certain organizations as Partner Orgs

    • Highlights Viewing Logic is incorrect on Production (Test is fine)

    • Highlights Recalculation Triggers/button

    • Red Dot is Off-Centered for certain OTT programs

    • Decipher: Increase timeout to 60 seconds

    • Edit Profile Adjustment (remove favorites for MRX Only Orgs and "notify" checkbox)

  • MRX Compare:

    • Code from survey not appearing in compare after Quick Compare Waves/Topics

    • Show "Questions" Crosstab in Ranker

    • Export Minor Adjustments

    • Unable to Duplicate rows for some organizations

  • Multi-Org Login: Link Help Article on Login Screen

  • Explore: Non-Twitter Headers are not aligned & out of order

  • Non-Surveys Content/Compare Page: Buttons & Average Row are over footer

  • Smart Search: Exact Search Behavior

  • Social Accounts: Adjust "add public page" and "channel/playlist" Modals

  • Replace "Move to Active/Archived Campaigns" with new style Modal

  • Rules: Paste not working in some text boxes

  • Copy/Paste Smart Search Behavior

In Case You Missed It...

  • Power BI Integration [HELP ARTICLE]

    • Whether you would like to Create brand new, custom visualizations or use one of our available Templates, our Power BI Integration is now available to use with your Canvs Data!

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