Canvs now offers Multi-Lingual Analysis with Google Translate built natively into Canvs MRX. Cans will auto-detect language during the file upload process and apply the translations on-the-fly. We support multiple languages in a single data file.

Note: This is currently only offered as an additional feature to your subscription. Users who are not subscribed to Canvs Translation will not see the following feature available on their platform. If you are interested in Multi-Lingual Analysis please reach out directly to your Canvs Account Manager.

To start translating, simply upload your file via the Canvs MRX Uploader (learn how to Upload a file here). Once you go through the initial Upload process and reach the "Details" step, you will see a new switch on the left-hand side under "Translate to English".

If you enable this switch, any foreign language Open Ends will have their language auto-detected and translated.

Note: If you are out of your translation "limit" the switch will be turned off automatically. Please reach out to Canvs Support or your Canvs Account Manager.

*One translated open end is inclusive of up to 500 characters. Open ends can be longer than 500 characters but will be counted as more than one. For example, a 750-character open end would count as two open ends towards the 1M translated open ends.

Once your dataset is uploaded, you will see additional new features on the Content Page. To learn more about how to navigate your Dataset's Content Page, read here.

First, if you scroll down to the list of your Open Ends on the right-hand side, you will see an icon that indicates what the original language of the text was.

If you click on the icon, you will see the original foreign text, what language it was in, as well as an option to Copy it.

On the left side of the Open Ends list, you will see the Ranker. Canvs will automatically create an Original Text Language Filter under Cross Tabs. Here you can see a list, or a Ranking, of your Original Languages and how many Open Ends were associated with each.

Tip: Click on the Cloud Icon to see a Word Cloud view of this new filter!

Another location where the Original Text Language Filter will appear is in the Canvs Smart Search, under Cross-Tabs. You can choose to utilize it in your queries to refine your results.

If there is Statistic Significance in the Open Ends, the Original Text Language Cross-Tab can even appear as part of your Highlights.

Also on the Content page, a few of the Exports have been modified to include the original foreign text. The first is the Open Ends export which is above the Open Ends list.

There are three new columns: language, original text, and original text language.

Another Export that received this improvement is the Complete Analysis export available via the Export dropdown on the top of the Content page.

There are three new columns: language, original text, and original text language.

Tip: The order of the columns has changed to accommodate these two new columns. In case you have an existing workflow that utilizes these exports, please be aware.

On your MRX Management page, you will see a brand new Filter named "Language".

You can choose to filter your Dataset Results by Translated or Non-Translated datasets, or All.

Frequently Asked Questions



How are the language detection and translation done?

Via Google Translate.

If a question has multiple languages in the responses (e.g a multi-lingual study), can I analyze all the responses at once?

Yes, using Google Translate, Canvs will detect the language, and then translate the open ends to English.

What happens if, INSIDE one open-ended response, there are multiple languages?

Whichever language has the highest character count, that language will be translated. The remaining languages will be untranslated.

Once analyzed, will I maintain access to the original OE in some form?

Yes, your excel export from Canvs will have the original OE, as well as two new appended columns โ€“ (1) Detected Language and (2) Translated Text.

Do I have the ability to only select certain open-ended questions whose responses I want to be translated within a file/upload?

No, translating all open-ended questions that you've selected to be analyzed.

Can I choose what language the open ends are uniformly translated to?

No, open ends will be translated into English. All analysis is still done in English based on the translated text.

If I upload a project with multiple languages, including English, do the English Open ends get counted toward my quota?

Yes, all open ends sent for analysis count toward the quota.

As noted above, these new features are available to users who have the Canvs Translate feature add-on. If you are interested in purchasing Multi-Lingual Analysis for your Canvs subscription please reach out directly to your Canvs Account Manager. If you are having any Technical Issues with utilizing any of the outlined features, please contact Canvs Support via the in-app chat or

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