MRX Improvements

  • Highlight Cards will now respond to the Smart Search query. Quick insights just became even quicker!

  • Linear View for Canvs MRX! [Article]
    Canvs now offers the ability of Linear Graph analysis designed for MRX Tracker Datasets. Learn more about the new Linear View feature here.

    Note: This feature is only displayed on Tracker Datasets (datasets with Waves). You must have two or more Waves selected for the Linear View to appear on your Content Page. Non-tracker datasets or datasets with only 1 wave selected, will still have the Treemap as the Default view and not have access to the Linear View.

    • Users will be able to analyze change over time between their Waves and have the ability to modify their metrics and break down their results.

    • The linear view will allow for up to 8 displayed metrics total and will function similarly to the Modify Metrics button in MRX Compare.

      Depending on the metric type you are looking at (Summary, Topics, or Emotions), you can only add metrics of that same type. You can add any number of custom metrics up to 8 of them.

    • Breakdown allows users to explore their filters in a linear format for the first time on the platform when focused on a single metric.

      When only a single metric is selected, the Breakdown feature will be shown as available in Modify Metrics.

    • Users are able to click on individual markers within the Linear View chart, which will then filter the page like the experience users have when making selections from the Treemap.

    • Multiselection is also allowed as well to let users explore sections of a significant shift.

      If multiple selections are made, all waves and metrics selected will filter the page in the same manner selections from the treemaps filters the page.

    • Within the markers/bullets of the linear view, a Tooltip will appear that provides additional information on each point.

    • Exporting the Linear View chart in PowerPoint is available for users within your Export options.

Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • MRX:

    • Ranker % are incorrect when filtering the page via Smart Search

    • Power BI Export is returning error when an email will be sent

    • "Without a Net" incorrectly appearing as a "Net" metric

  • MRX Uploader:

    • Filter disappears when deleting preloaded text

    • Details Step shows incorrect # of Open Ends in a dataset if there are multiple questions and Split is enabled

In Case You Missed It...

  • Header Rearrange: The Question and Wave filters are now displayed toward the very top of your Dataset.

  • Reprocessing a Dataset Canvs now offers the ability to reprocess a dataset (AI Codes & Rule Codes), Topics, and Emotions with the latest version of Canvs AI and your Rules.

    • Key features include Reprocessing without Rules or Reprocessing with Rules, with the ability to select which specific Waves you want to reprocess.

    • Note: Any changes made to the dataset (e.g. renaming topics, moving codes to a different net, removal of emotions, etc.) will be removed. Edits will not be reapplied to your dataset and are not recoverable. Learn more here

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