Bugs & Experience Adjustments

  • Global Search:

    • Right Click + Paste before opening Global Search breaks selection

    • Unable to open MRX Datasets from Global Search

  • MRX:

    • Highlights: Text capitalization is incorrect

    • Ranker: Shows 0% when emotion is selected from Line Graph or Treemap

    • Change Emotion Framework Tooltip text adjustment

    • MRX Compare: Net %'s out of order when sorting

    • MRX Uploader: Show Translation indication in "Review and Submit" step

    • Some datasets do not load unless part of the URL is removed

    • Wave reordering should be disabled for Datasets with 1 Wave

  • MRX Reprocessing:

    • MRX Manager: While reprocessing, the Dataset should appear as a pending Yellow Line

    • "Reprocessing" banner is too close to header

    • While a Dataset is reprocessing, opening another Dataset produces many Notifications

  • MRX Linear View:

    • While using Breakdown, selecting a point on the Line Graph filtered the page to the wave

    • Modify Metrics: Top Rule Codes sometimes switches to "Custom"

    • Some Breakdown numbers are incorrect

    • Modify Metrics: Unable to click Apply for Emotions

    • Switching between codes and nets while selected on a point

    • Double Counting Open Ends for "Nets"

    • Tooltip text colouring is incorrect

    • Adjust colors on Export

    • Remove Linear Graphs on Exports for 1 Wave

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